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Just In Case – Meg Rosoff

“The view is fine up here. I can look out across the world and see everything. 
For instance I can see a fifteen-year-old boy and his brother.”

The day David Case saves his baby brother from falling out of the window to what would result in the severely premature death of said child changes Davids life forever. At first his outlook changes, then his name and his clothes and soon everything is very much different from what it was to start with. Armed with his new name, Justin, every moment is taken up by what ifs and he strives to outwit fate. He leaves home and soon finds himself in the midst of some strange and exciting adventures, he even falls in love. But can he really control his life? Can he really run from fate? And if not, where will running get him? 

This was a strange read and I am not all convinced I truly got this book at all. 
I was captured from the start by the change in perspectives. We are met by a first person voice which soon appears to reveal itself as fate, but for the most part the book is told from David’s, or Justin’s, point of view in third person. It is not fate providing the narration throughout but it does switch back to fate every now and then. This very unique point of view and the authors very imaginative way of describing the events of the book really gripped me but to be honest I think that held the book back too because it was, in a few places, too much. 
The characters within the book are as strange as the style of writing and I loved that about it. The unique style allowed for the thoughts of Justin’s little brother to be perfectly executed and the result of these thoughts to come out in such a brilliant and hilarious way. Charlie was by far my favourite character in this book and his parts within it were my favourite parts. Peter and Dorethea were fantastic and I loved how open minded and accepting they were of Justin and his strange ways, the contrast between them and his parents were fantastic and I think it says a lot that a couple of kids his age understood him so much more than the adults did. Agnes was a strange one and whilst I did like her I didn’t really get her the whole way through, in some parts she made sense but in others she confused me – though thats why she did to Justin too so I guess it could just be the authors way of reflecting his feelings onto me! 
The story was brilliant and I loved what it said about love, lust, family and fate. Especially with the almost personification of fate and the final chapter was brilliantly done in order to make the reader think. I really wanted to love it but the writing was just too much for me. This was especially evident in the sex scene within the book – I couldn’t even tell that the characters had gone all the way and although I loved that the characters were able to talk about it afterwords (or at least one of them was); if they didn’t I probably wouldn’t have been convinced that it happened. 
As you can tell I didn’t hate this book, it was really good and really interesting. However after hearing so much about how amazing Meg Rosoff is I wanted to love it and that intense a feeling wasn’t there for me. I think Justin may have taken all the intensity of the story with him and kept it for himself. 
Just in Case was first published in 2006 by Puffin Books. My copy was loaned to me from my sister. 

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