Jessie hearts NYC – Keris Stainton: Review

“Boys or no boys, Jessie was thrilled with the going away outfit of J brand jeans and a Marc Jacobs top that Emma had insisted she buy. She felt different. She was trying to think of herself as “New York Jess”. New York Jess wouldn’t have fallen for Taylor. New York Jess wouldn’t be running away. But at least New York Jess had a fabulous pair of jeans. Every cloud has a silver lining.”
Jessie’s mum left her living with her dad and moved to New York. Although Jessie feels a bit neglected because of this she isn’t going to let it stop her from spending the summer in the city she’s always dreamed of. After her first boyfriend turned out to be a bit of an idiot Jessie is hoping to find her perfect boy while she’s swanning through the streets of New York.  She has her sights set on Ben, the lead of her mums play, but then Ben appears to be a bit preoccupied and Jessie just can’t stop bumping into hot New Yorker Finn.
Finn is in love with his best friend’s girl and is stuck working a summer job he hates, just because his dad wants him to be a mini-me. He is so unsure of what he wants to do with life that he just goes along with what his grandma and father think is best. But then Jessie appears and it seems she brings with her a pinch of confidence for Finn. 
The two are like boats passing in the wind at first but then Jessie crashing Finns 18th and they both realise that their life can be better, they can find what they want and if they try… they can have it.


I f’ing loved Jessie <3’s NYC.  That can pretty much sum up what I think of this book. I knew I would after recently reading Keris Stainton’s first book Della says: OMG! And loving that too but Jessie is, if possible, even better!
I think my love for this book was aided by the setting. I mean, come on, NEW YORK CITY! I have dreamed of going to NYC for years. I would love to go, and I can honestly say that when, not if, I do go much of my time will be spent doing the things Jessie does (with some exceptions of course!)
Jessie was a loveable character. She had it hard because she felt her mum was up against her, she felt neglected and I can’t blame her. It must be hard you’re mum leaving you behind in Manchester, swanning off to New York to concentrate on the play which has been her main focus for years! It’s really no wonder that she felt unloved when her mum hid most of her maternal feelings. But to be honest, Jessie only had to realise that Natalie was her own person to get over this. I loved Natalie too, she wasn’t your typical mum and I love that, who wants to conform to stereotypes anyway?!
I loved the feel you got for Jessie and Emma’s relationship, it was brilliant, exactly what teenage girls are like and it made the book seem so real.  When you’re going through so much it’s always great to have a hug to fall back into and Emma was definitely a great hug!
Finns story was brilliant too. It must be hard falling for your best friend’s girl but then again they do say you always want what you can’t have! His friendship with Scott is great, and the pains that he goes through because he likes Scott’s girlfriend really come through. It’s the ultimate deception, trying anything with your best mate’s girl and Finn knows this.
I loved that the book shifted perspective from Jessie to Finn almost equally; it was a really smooth switch over too. I loved that you would see something from Jessie’s perspective then see the same moments from Finn’s it worked really well.  I also loved the serendipity of the book, the way Finn and Jessie seem to be in the same place at the same time before they even know each other. It was beautiful.
Jessie <3’s NYC is a beautiful book, with awesome characters, great references to films, locations and TV shows, lots of giggles and to top it off one of the BEST chapters of any book I’ve read (chapter 20 for anyone who’s read it).
I really want EVERYONE to read this book; buy, beg, borrow or steal for it, ok not steal…  but whatever, you will not be disappointed at all!
Jessie <3’s NYC is Keris Staintons second book. I would like to say a huge thanks for Keris sending me a copy for an honest review. The book is released by Orchard on July 7th and is available for pre-order here. 


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