Insurgent – Veronica Roth

“I wake with his name in my mouth.
Before I open my eyes. I watch him crumple to the pavement again. Dead.
My doing.”
Tris Prior has lost her parents and many of her friends. A simulation from the Erudite faction caused many of her faction, Dauntless, to take arms and kill Abnegation. Her parents and some friends die in the battle; others are unsure what even happened. One was even killed by her own hand.
She’s wracked with grief but knows she has to help what is left of her faction, and Four, to stitch her world back together again. Tris has it in her heart, and her brain, to be brave, she belongs to the faction of the brave, but to survive what is coming, she must be the bravest she has ever been.

So let’s see, can I write a review different to the thousands of others that are around the blogosphere at the minute? Probably not, but this book and this series, warrants the amazing hype its getting.
I love the word that Roth has created; it stands alone and is really interesting to walk through. I wanted to learn more after Divergent and I’m happy to say Insurgent waters the thirst for knowledge that gathered. I was really happy to see more about Amity, the peaceful faction that didn’t feature much in Divergent. Although not all of what I saw was good… Insurgent went more into what all the factions are about and what the personalities of those belonging to each faction must be. However it also gave more of an insight into what it means to be divergent, and how not even those who aren’t divergent always fit into one category.
The romance from the first book carries on and I love the relationship that Tris has with Four. It’s not perfect, it’s far from it and they’re both so busy trying to protect each other that they forget about the feelings of the other and forget to listen sometimes. It’s infuriating to read at times because there are so many arguments and they rarely listen properly to one another but, well, real life relationships can be just like that!
Something about Insurgent didn’t really sit as nicely with me as Divergent. There was a lot to take in and it took a lot of reading, I found myself having to read over pages a few times but I do think that it’s because it’s been so long and so many books since I read Divergent that I had forgotten who people were and important bits of information about them. I would happily recommend the series to people but I think I’d suggest that they read the two books without leaving too much gap between them.
I love how the characters had developed since the first book, how we get to know them more and how they change slightly to. I also loved the new characters we meet and their parts in the story. Tris was very different in Insurgent but that’s because of the things she had been through during the simulation attack. I still really loved her but I found myself wanting to make her snap out of things, she was quite a frustrating narrator at times. I’m not sure how to say this without making it sound strange but I really enjoyed the guilt aspect of what she was experiencing. It made her more relatable and I think it made her more real too.

 Four had developed more in Insurgent too and he really intrigued me even more. Of course we find out plenty of things about him in Divergent but there’s more to see and more to hear and I loved getting to know him more. Something that did really surprise me was my reaction to Peter. I still hated him but nowhere near as much as I did in Divergent. I pitied him more in Insurgent I think. Caleb was probably my worst favourite character out of them all, he even topped Joanna… and that’s saying something!!

All in all I loved Insurgent just as much as I loved Divergent but for different reasons. I love how much more you get from the world in Insurgent and how Insurgent is more about the factions and the overall status of the world, not just Tris’s personal status, though she has a big part in it all obviously! I really can’t get enough of the series and I need more, soon!  There was a bit of a cliffhanger revelation at the end of the book and I was left really wanting to know where the story goes!
If all the hype around the internet has not made you want this book then I really hope my review has. The series is immense and Insurgent adds a lot to the world-building aspect of it. I love Roth’s writing and think that many people will be swept up in it completely straight away.
Insurgent was published on May 1st 2012 by HarperCollins Children’s books. My copy was sent to me in exchange for an honest review by the publisher.


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