Insurgent UK Cover Reveal

The New Year brings about a lot of books that I absolutely cannot wait for! One of these is the sequel to Veronica Roth’s fantastic Divergent (review here), Insurgent and I was soooo happy to open my inbox today to see that the UK cover for Insurgent has been revealed… So happy in fact I wanted to share… so here it is!!!

Also I just thought Id remind you of the paperback redesign, which this Insurgent cover will match:
I love the original cover for Divergent but I still like this one, not as much but I definitely think I’ll be buying this version so my series matches, I’m anal like that!!!
So what do you think of the Insurgent cover? I love it, its so pretty and those burning leaves bring many questions to mind!!! 


  • Jules

    I love the insurgent cover, I think they’ve really got it right with a great colour, good font and interesting image.

    I MUST get round to reading Divergent!

  • Liz. R

    I didn’t even know the covers had changed! Liking these but I’m strangely attached to the US ones. I think they’ll grow on me though. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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