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In The Book Review – Personalised Winnie the Pooh

Spike loves books and I love reading with her. When I found out about In The Book I knew a collection of beautiful stories, with her name throughout, would make for an amazing gift. Thankfully I was able to choose one of the collections for her to tell you all about it! Read on to find out what we got and all about it.

In The Book is a service that offers personalised, breathtaking collections of stories. The books are top quality, designed to be treasured forever. They are a perfect keepsake for any child and you can choose form a whole range of stories.

I loved the Winnie The Pooh stories when I was little and Spike has enjoyed the odd one we have read together, so I decided to go for the beautiful Winnie The Pooh Classic Collection. It has three classic Winnie The Pooh story and a short story which features your child’s name at the start.

When we received our In The Book book I was blown away by the quality. It came in the most beautiful Disney Signature book box and looked really special. Spike opened the box and read the cover of the book, squealing when she saw her name at the bottom. So was so excited, and that excitement only grew as she turned the pages. Inside the quality continued, with beautiful illustrations and more personalisation which she loved. The first page has a gorgeous illustration of Christopher Robin and Pooh, but could feature a photo if you choose too. It also has space for a special message to the recipient, which again Spike loved.

Then you get a gorgeous story about the recipient going for a walk in the hundred acre wood. Their name throughout. Obviously their gender is unknown so its their name rather than ‘she/he’ but when I read it to Spike I switched between this so it was a little more natural.

Each page features ‘for’ and your child’s name at the top so they are reminded its a special gift for them and it’s just beautiful. It was such a beautiful book, I was blown away.

This particular book comes in two diffract sizes, A4 or A3 and we received the A3 Deluxe size. This makes it extra special as it looks like a display piece, but it means that Spike struggles a little to hold it up and needs to lay down to read it. If I was to oder again I would choose the A4 because of this, but I think the A3 would make an extra special christening or new baby gift for a friend or family member.

The collections on the In The Book website are so awesome and they feature a lot of classics, from Disney and more. They also have books for grown ups, some of which I found amusing. There are categories of ‘for girls’ and ‘for boys’ which I find tend to perpetuate stereotypes so much. You’ll only find the Disney princesses and unicorns in the girls’ section and the superheroes and space books in the boys. You’ll find the odd ones in each, so theres a marvel book in the girls section, and a Moana book in the boys, but they are few and far between. Which is a shame, but lets face it; most sites for children tend to do this, so I’ve trained myself to ignore the categories and look at everything. However I think they realised that there’s a fair bit of crossover, the Winnie the Pooh collection for example is in both, as is Toy Story and Peter Rabbit and books based on popular nursery rhymes.

As I said, In The Book provides beautiful story book collections though and I would recommend them for a special birthday present. I’d have loved one for Spike’s baby shower for her to treasure, and we really will treasure her Winnie The Pooh book for years to come.

Disclaimer: I received a fee and the product in exchange for an honest review of this product.

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