In My Mailbox (#42)

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Got a few books this week, not tonnes which my tbr pile will be happy to know! After reading This Is Not Forgiveness by Celia Rees I couldnt resist buying The Wish House when I saw it in town yesterday!
For Review:
These two titles are both kinda out of my comfort zone for review books but I want to challenge myself, I want to read wider genres and to give my blog a range of content. I dont think I’ll struggle with The Demon’s Watch at all as its all about Goblins and stuff like that and sounds brilliant. Conrad will also be guest posting on my blog to coincide with the release. 
The Legacy of Eden may be a different story. I believe it is an adult title, Im not certain but I think one of the characters is in her late teens or something like that so it may have crossover appeal. However the summary defintely got me interested which is why I want to give it a go and I read the first couple of pages and just wanted to read more! 
As I said, I finished TINF this week and loved it, the only other of Celia Rees’ books Ive read is Witch Child, years ago, so when I saw this I just had to get it! It looks like a great, quick read! 


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