In My Mailbox (#41)

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SO on Friday I had like, 3 ebooks to show you. then an explosion of books happened, mainly due to me meeting up with Keris, Steffi coming to stay and my friend Laura enforcing books onto me! I have such a wide range of books this week that its crazy and also, I got Christmas presents so that’s what all the dinosaur stuff is! 
Borrowed from Steffi:
Kill all Enemies – Melvin Burgess

All the presents dotted around are from Steffi too as we didnt get to see each other over Christmas. I gots some dinosaur stuff!! πŸ˜€ 

Borrowed from Laura:
Witch and Wizard – James Patterson

I let Laura borrow Divergent and she loved it, of course! When she gave me it back she told me I definitely had to give these two series’ a go so obviously, I took her up on the over of more books, let me shelves cry! 

Borrowed from Keris
Other Words for Love – Lorraine Zago Rosenthal

I swear Keris is a book angel in disguise, we met up for Nandos on Friday night and she handed me a big bag of books! Yay!! A couple I’ve read so I haven’t included them here as Steffi is having those ones, then a couple of these Steffi wants so I’ll have to pass on to her! lol I have wanted to read Pure and Other Words for Love forever so I cant wait for those ones!! 

For Review Ebooks:
Winterborne – Augusta Blythe

These look awesome and when I get requests for books like these I almost squeal! I actually did when Katie Dale emailed me! YAY!! Ive wanted Some Else’s Life for absolutely ages and I cant wait to read it. Katie’s also going to be on my blog in a week or so too so watch out for that! 

Anyway. Thats my mailbox, what did you get? Also while your here, check our yesterdays post. Its my blogoversary giveaway and there are two prizes to be won!! 


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