In My Mailbox (#40)

In My Mailbox is hosted by Kristi, The Story Siren, you probably already know that but if you don’t, go here and find out more!!

I got some awesome sounding books this week, I’m realy exctied for them all!! Especially the two I got for review because Ive been wanting to read some more contemporary fiction to coincide with Ashley’s Just Contemporary challenge. 
For Review: 
A huge thank you to Chicken House Books and Abrams & Chronicle for these two books, they both sound awesome and will be coming out in March this year. You cant see it from the picture but the look has those cool coloured pages so the book has a bright pink boarder to it and it came in the most awesome envelope I’ve ever seen! 
This one was only 4 pounds in Tesco and it was a struggle to work out whether to buy this or The Future of Us, FoU has had really mixed reviews whereas this one I’ve only seen brilliant reviews for so I decided on this, it also helped that my awesome fellow Northern blogger Cait from The Cait Files is quoted on the back cover of it! Yay Cait! 


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