In My Mailbox (#33)

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I know, I know, I’m meant to be on a book buying ban… however… I went to see my parents last weekend and he gave me some money for helping him out with some stuff a few months ago. He handed me the money and said “this is for books and only books, nothing else OK?” well, who am I to refuse that order!
I’m so impressed that I got so much for the money my dad gave me. There’s actually another book still to come but its from the Amazon marketplace and is taking a while. These all sound amazing and after reading reviews for Five Flavors of Dumb on Ashley’s blog, Books From Bleh to Basically Amazing, and I wanna be your Joey Rammone on Laura (Sisterspooky) and Clovers (Fluttering Butterflies) blogs I knew I needed to read them! Trouble is I have so many awesome books now I dont know where to start! 
For Review: 
Thank you to the lovely Tina at Abrams and Chronicle for this one! it sounds so good and that cover had me sold from the second I saw it! 


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