In My Mailbox (#29)

Considering I’m on a book buying ban I got a lot of books… whoops! I didn’t mean to, it just happened! I technically didn’t break my ban though as I said it would start this weekend… yeah. 
So, My friend bought me Delirium in July for a birthday present and as I HATE the UK PB version she ordered the HB for me… three months later it arrives, with a tear in the sleeve and with the sleeve curled up and damaged. I wasn’t happy but Amazon were good and refunded part of the price! But yeah… then the wonderful Book Angel Emma sent me her copy of The Emerald Atlas as she cant put it in the library and I mentioned that I really want to read it! Also I went to see Maureen Johnson… yes THAT MAUREEN JOHNSON! (ARGH!) and my sister kindly bought me Devilish as I’d bought her a signed copy of Revolution, I have an awesome sister! And finally Viv from Serendipity Reviews kindly sent me her proof of Stealing Phoenix! I have awesome book blogger friends!! 
For Review
Caulron Spells – CJ Busby
I received all of these from Templar this week. Leonora emailed with the January to July 2012 catalogue and asked what we wanted so I asked for these, you wont see a lot of the reviews for a while though as I’ll post nearer the time of release! 
These are my sisters… I bought her Leviathan for her birthday in March and she loved it that much she went straight out and bought Behemoth! I cant wait to get round to reading them because of how much she loves em! 
UK Book tours
I admit, I use UKBT to get the books I’m either not sure about actually buying a lot of the time! These were both requested for this reason. I was really looking forward to Envy but after reading Emmas thoughts on it I was put off so requested it instead! I cant wait to see what I think of it… Also the Hilary Duff one is purely becuase I used to love Lizzie McGuire but Im not certain she can pull off a book! 


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