In My Mailbox (#26) – The “I Went To London; squeeeee” edition

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Im sorry the pictures pretty lame this week and there’s no dinosaur (I tried but it got cut off, you can just seem it at the top right hand side..) anyway, I didn’t have much time so this was the best I could do!! 
I went to London this week.. I honestly think I was very reserved! I bought two books when I ventured into Foyles and most of the rest are from the event I went too, tell me I did well!?
Ok, so Pink has been on my wishlist for ages. I’ve really wanted it and although I did really want the US hardback version I decided to just go for it and pick up the UK paperback instead! Then I saw Geektastic and Carly from Writing from the Tub told me that the first story is about a trekky  and an Jedi that find themselves in bed together… I was sold instantly! 
Then Candy Pop. I love Lauren Laverne, she fills my weekday mornings at work with lots of giggles so I’ve had my eye on this book for a while but to be honest, I didn’t want to spend lots of good money on it. So when I saw it in a charity shop for £1 on Saturday I thought “Why not?” 
For Review:
So, these are all with HUGE thanks to Bloomsbury. The event I went to was to meet Mary Hooper, who was awesome by the way, and the wonderful Emma at Bloomsbury gave us a goodie bag (see pic!) with all these books and a few extra little bits inside! I was amazed at some of these because, well In Darkness, Fracture nd The Weight of Water dont come out til January and This Is Not Forgiveness doesnt come out til Feb! Thats like…. way in advance! I dont think I’ve had anything that far in advance before and they sound AMAZING! I also love the proof copies of all of them. Especially This is not Forgiveness (black with lots of writing) and In Darkness (Black with big white writing) I’d buy books with covers just like that!! They are gorgeous! 
Then Mary kindly signed our copies of Velvet and The Fever and The Flame, she also signed my copy of Newes From the Dead, so I have lovely signed editions of these books now! It was an awesome event and May was so nice, all the stuff she shared with us was really interesting and I’m hoping to write something up about the whole London experience soon! 
So that’s my Mailbox this week, what was in yours?


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