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I’m not promising anything…

Not-making-any-promises-readaraptorBut one of my goals for 2017 is to actually succeed in posting to Readaraptor more than once a month. This will mean working around other things and mainly taking the opportunity to read when I have it.

As many of you will probably remember I used to post to this blog daily. Or at least Monday-Friday. My Goodreads figures for a year were in the triple digits and I spent the majority of my time on twitter talking all things books with my lovely twitter friends.

I miss that. I really miss that. And in 2017 I am going to try and make sure I get some of that back. I’m not promising anything but I’m going to be posting as much as I can on this blog and trying to join in with the community again. However that probably means you’ll be hearing more and more about picture books as thats all I seem to get chance to read these days!

I’m thinking of starting up a weekly ‘Spike’s bedtime reads’ post which will outline what has been read that week to my little girl before bed. This will likely showcase my favourite picture book from that week and maybe hers too as she grows more fond of her books.

There will also be a potential ‘Library Book haul’ post as I do love to take her to the library so I’m not reading the same picture books over and over to her at bedtime. And I’m going to try and read at least 1 YA book a month so I’ll be reviewing that… I want to do more and post more about books and reading but I don’t want to dive straight in and drown so I’ll build up to that!

One thing I think some people who read this blog (if any of you are still reading!) might like though is my guest post for Chilling With Lucas. I met Jenni through my parenting blog and she offered me a ticket for the Gloriumptious Christmas Mansion at Tatton Park. This was one of Tatton’s celebrations of 100 years of Roald Dahl events and it was incredible, Any fans should hear over and take a look at the pictures of the mansion cos they were amazing!

Anyway… I hope you are still reading and I hope you don’t hate me for letting this blog slip. I am back and although I’ll still be quiet I’m going to try and be around a bit more!

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