Book review for I Will Not Be Erased by gal-dem
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“I will not be erased” by gal-dem

Fourteen funny, insightful and inspirational essays from gal-dem, the award-winning magazine and creative collective of young women of colour.
gal-dem are an award-winning creative collective of young women of colour, described by the Guardian as “bubbling with energy, ideas and talent”. In this thought-provoking collection of fourteen essays, their writers take raw material from their teenage years – diaries, poems and chat histories – and explore growing up. Straight-talking, funny and insightful, the essays tackle important subjects including race, gender, mental health and activism, making this essential reading for any young person.

I would like to start this review by pointing out that I’m not the intended audience of this book. Its aimed at teenage people of colour, of all genders – but probably mainly girls and non-binary people.

I read it because I wanted to understand more about the lives that people of colour live, from their own mouths.

I found the book so insightful. It was obviously written very much with its target audience in mind but I still read every page wishing it was around when I was a teenager because the essays within the book had such fantastic guidance in them. They spoke about real life matters that I think are so important to speak directly to young people in a way they will relate and this book seems to hit that nail on the head. It felt like I was being transformed into the lives of each author in what they were reliving.

Some of the stuff that was relived was hard to read so I can’t imagine what its like to go through. But having the honesty of the authors there and them giving the perspective of someone who has been through what they went through is so eye opening.

I really hope that this book is read by every kid in its intended audience. It really will be a great guide to get them through the tough times that come with growing up, which is be made tougher for them as people of colour.

I Will Not Be Erased was published by Walker Books in June 2019. My copy was purchased myself.

To purchase the book (affiliate link used), or to find out more about the book or gal-dem please visit:

Amazon | Hive | Goodreads | gal-dem website

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