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I Love You, Little Monster – Giles Andreae & Jess Mikhail

i-love-you-giles-andreae-jess-mikhail“One evening, long after my sleep time

Big softly crept to my bed

And stretched out warm fingers to ruffle my hair

‘I love you, my darling,’ Big said.”

Did you remember to tell your loved one just how much you love them today? I Love You, Little Monster will do the trick for you if everything before bedtime was hectic, hard or just plain rushed. Snuggle with your littles and read of just how much Big loves Small.


This book nearly had me in tears. Honestly! I am such a big softy when it comes to books about parental love since having Tali because nothing prepared me for just how much I could love one little tiny human, and these books remind me of just how much that is after a screaming match at bedtime or a food flinging session at tea time.

This is the story of a parent – Big – going to say goodnight to a child – Small – and believing them to be asleep, but actually it is Small telling the story, so they heard every word! Big tells the ‘sleeping’ Small just how much they love them, and goes into great detail, the kind of detail that you just wouldn’t have the time to tell a small child about because theres too much going on, life gets in the way, they are far too energetic and lets face it, when theres other things to do they just don’t want to hear you blabber on. No, the only time this kind of emotional spillage can go on is at sleep time because thats the perfect time for a parent to let out their internal monologue.

I get why Big did this, I really do. I finish every bedtime routine with the same words “Goodnight baby, sleep tight – don’t let the bedbugs bite. I love you more than you’ll ever know” and that is the only time I get to say those words. I can say I love you on the odd occasion but we’re usually chatting (read babbling) about other things or I’m having to stop mid sentence to tell her to stop chewing wires, pulling games off shelves, eating her shoes, throwing food (the list could go on) and it just doesn’t come up. That sleepy time just as they are drifting off is the perfect time to remind them just how much you love them and this book does it perfectly.

It also offers the most amazing advice to little ones everywhere and its something that all parents hope for their children. The book does it way better than I ever could but basically it reminds children to keep love in their heart and believe in themselves, as its the only way to be truly happy and the way to be what they want to be. I nearly cried at those couple of pages because they are what I want my daughter growing up knowing. I want her to be true to herself and do what she wants because she wants to, not because she thinks its what others expect of her. The penultimate page was my favourite though, with Big Softly signing off their long speech with “My beautiful, wonderful, glorious child, you light up my world’

I loved this book so much and it really spoke to me as a parent. I think Spike enjoyed it too but as I mainly read to her while she’s drifting off to sleep I couldn’t possibly say! There are loads of bright, funky coloured pictures that were really beautiful in the book too which older kids will definitely be interested in!

I Love You, Little Monster was published by Orchard Books in September 2012. My copy was loaned from my library.

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