Hunting Lila – Sarah Alderson

“Only when the tip of the knife started to shave against the white of his eye like a scalpel about to pierce a boil, did I realise that I was the one holding it.
Or, rather, controlling it.”
Lila has always tried to keep her ability secret but when she takes a knife from the hands of a mugger and almost blinds him with it – without once touching the knife herself – she freaks out. Stealing her dads credit card she boards a plane to the one place she’ll feel safe – her brothers. Once there her brother, Jack, and his best friend Alex, who Lila is madly in love with, seem to be acting a little weird and everyone is worried for her safety. Things aren’t helped by the fact that Jack and Alex are working for a secret organisation that Lila’s not allowed to know anything about… When Lila figures some things out she realises that she’s not the only person with special abilities, her mother’s killer is special too, and not everything may be as it seems…

I figured that Hunting Lila was an interesting, unique story before I read it but, wow, after I’d finished I realised that it wasn’t just that; it was mind-blowing!
I loved how much action was packed into this book. I was reading it and my heart was pumping just from the descriptions and the intensity of it all! It didn’t stop for a minute and not one part of it felt rushed! I was so impressed by the story and the pace that I couldn’t put the book down and spent my whole Sunday afternoon with my head buried in it!
Lilas a fascinating character. You can tell shes been through a lot and why she’s the way she is. I liked how kick-ass she was though, I did think she probably could have backed off on the whole love interest thing. I liked Alex – and damn he was hot! – but her love for him did seem a bit obsessive sometimes and it annoyed me a little bit. Other than that though she was awesome, you could tell that she was willing to fight for her family and she loved them all no matter what but was scared that their love for her wouldn’t be strong enough and that her ability would cause them to dis-own her. It must have been hard to think that you are the only one with special powers and I think Lila works it well throughout most of the book!
I loved the abilities of Lila nad the others that you meet. I thought it was all very Heroes, but thats not a bad thing – Heroes was awesome… for the first season at least! –  and Hunting Lila was quite possibly even better! I loved that the abilities fit into the story line and the way you pieced bits of information together around the same time as Lila. Im a sucked for any kinda of thriller/mystery and I always try to work out whats happening before the main charactesr in books do. This was no different in Hunting Lila and I’m quite happy to say that I only worked out one thing before you are told it, the rest came as a huge surprise!
I was so impressed by this book that about 30 pages before the end I was actually devastated when I realised that not all my questions were going to be answered – until this point I had thought that Hunting Lila was a stand alone, but alas Its not, it’s part of a series and the second isn’t going to be out for a while! I was gutted but at least this means that I get more of Lila nad Alex and the gang to look forward to! I kinda like that its not all over yet!
I really am impressed by this book, It’s not as girly as I thought it would be and I love that Lila is a right stubborn one – I am too! – she’s a really strong character in a book with a strong plot, pace and brilliant writing. I would seriously recommend this one to any contemporary fans who like a bit of sci-fi! It really hits the balance right in that nothing went over my head about the abilities and what the unit was up to and there was everything else that a normal 17 year old goes through as well!
Hunting Lila is the debut novel from Sarah Alderson. It is published in the UK by Simon and Schuster and is available from August 4th. Thank you to the lovely Jade at Inkscratchers for allowing me to borrow her copy. I am that in love with it I will have to buy my own!


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