How to Keep a Boy as a Pet – Diane Messidoro

“Totally not weeping under a willow
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Im smiling. Honestly.
Okay is you stared really hard at me, you’d probably notice my teeth are showing slightly too much. If you were being extra picky, you might even say I’m doing a good impression of our neighbour’s Shetland pony when she fancies a human hand-burger.”
Circee Shaw has a plan for the summer. It’s not the one she originally had, to search for hot boyfriend material guys with her new best friend Tash, as she’s gone off with Circee’s old best friend, Ben. No, she’s going to channel all her energy into a blog and become a fabulously sophisticated journalist.
However she doesn’t really have anything to talk about and life is more than complicated as it is, she has a poisonous rival, has to put up with her mum’s ‘just friends’ guys and deal with her own Dark Past. When she decides to learn the scientific truth about boys Circee just adds more trouble to the pot; or can she find her own true love In the Middle of Absolute Nowhere. 
I loved this book, its refreshing, funny, truthful and heartbreaking all at the same time. One minute you can be laughing, then next you can have your hand over your mouth trying not to shout out and the next you can be shaking your head thinking “Oh no, Circee!” 
The plot of this book is fantastic. Circee is 15 I believe, though I don’t think thats expressly mentioned anywhere in the book. She has a dark past that she is trying not to share with the reader, a school bully who she’s trying not to mention and she has a strange relationship with her mum; in that they don’t really talk at all. She also comes up with, through the help of an online friend Savvy Rose, the idea to try and tame a boy into liking her and her summer’s spent trying to tame The Rudest, Stupidest, Most Despicable Boy She’s Ever Met. 
The blog she starts to become a sophisticated journalist is written into the book its all written in blog post format. I  loved this and thought it was really cleaver. It allowed for reflections on Circee’s part and for the reader to feel like they were getting quite a neutral side of the story, even though Circee did keep stuff from them. 
I really enjoyed the way the story panned out and how it wasn’t all happy endings. There’s some stuff left unanswered and I think there will be a second book but this one is like a rollercoaster with ups and downs right til the end. I really enjoyed how certain things came to light and how we found out about Circee’s Dark Past and how much of an awful person Portcia was.
The characters were brillinat and I thought Circee was really strong and a great, funny character. She was very similar to me at 15 and I think a lot of teens will relate to her. I did wish she had a bit more of a backbone though becuase seriously, if my two best friends had buggered off together and one was only free when the other was busy I would have said something. This is the only reason I didnt love Tash as much as I wanted to. She was one of those girls who forget about her friends as soon as a guy turns up on the scene. She was there for Circee though so I have to forgive her. I also grew to like Rufuss and thought his own storyline was really interesting and must have been so hard to deal with for him. 
I really would recommend How To Keep a Boy as a Pet to all teens, its funny and realistic and might teach a few facts about life that I wish I knew at 15. I can see great things coming from Diane Messidoro in the future and hope we get more from her soon! 
How to Keep a Boy as a Pet was published on May 7th by Electric Monkey. My copy was sent to me in exchange for an honest review by the publisher. 
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