Horror Heights: The Slime – Bec Hill

Connie hasn’t found her talent yet, but at least she has her slime collection – if it’s gooey, she’s got it! She hopes that by adding a few extra ingredients to a simple recipe she will uncover a talent for slime-making, but alas, all she uncovers is a hot, stinky mess which ends up in the bin. It’s shaping up to be another uneventful weekend … until her failed slime experiment wakes her up the next morning. It’s alive! And can talk! And is named… Big.
Big adores Connie and wants to protect her from everything at all times, which is very sweet. At first. But when it gets bigger, grows teeth and threatens to eat her friends and father, can Connie uncover her TRUE talents in order to protect everything from THE SLIME?


This was such a fun read. Aimed at the middle grade audience, Horror Heights is like the goosebumps of my youth but with a funny twist.

Comedian Bec Hill brings a smile to the horror that is slime coming to life in this cool tale. Connie, our main character, is the Queen of Slime. She brings a different pot of slime to school each week. They are so often confiscated by her teacher, but that wont stop her. She’s been sneaking the slime into her dads weekly shop, so when an accident means he orders for home delivery, she’s forced to make her own slime from scratch. But she never expects to bring slime to life with her creation.

Connie faces her fears as the slime appears to want to tear her life and relationships apart. She gets into trouble with her friends, teacher and more. But also learns some valuable lessons along the way. Horror Heights is amusing but terrifying in places, and offers an insight into the right way to behave, understanding others and telling the truth.

The book has enough humour and adventure in it that even the most observant of children will not see the obvious lessons they will pick up on while reading. It also has some great friendships in it with a nice variety of characters. They are mostly girls which was nice as most horror books for this age are mostly told about boys. I liked the four main characters and how they were a mix of personalities.

At around 160 pages this book didn’t take me very long to finish. There were 30 or so chapters so obviously these weren’t very long but Id say perfect for the younger side of the middle grade audience age range. It really would make the perfect read for the half term holidays, with Halloween on the horizon, especially as its not too scary to stop them from sleeping.

Horror Heights was published on September 30th by Hatchette Childrens Books. My copy was sent in exchange for an honest review.

For more info or to buy the book please visit:

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