Hollow Pike – James Dawson

“Lis knew she was dreaming, although this brought little comfort as the blood ran over her face. It rushed up her nostrils and caught in the back of her throat. The metallic taste chocked her, panic creeping in.”
Lis London has packed up her life and moved to Hollow Pike, believing she’s safer there than in her hometown where she was being viciously bullied. Living with her sister at the edge of Pike Copse she settles in nicely, until the nightmares start again. Nightmares she has been having for a month get stronger, more vivid and scarier. She dreams of someone trying to kill her, someone chasing her through the copse then grabbing her, and then she wakes up. But they are just nightmares right? She’s not scared of the local legends of witchcraft, until one night someone is in her house, and the nightmares keep getting worse.

The Hollow Pike blurb sounded just like a thrilling point horror type read that would give me all the satisfaction of experiencing the things of nightmares without actually being in the action myself. I knew I would enjoy every action packed minute of it before I opened the book, and thankfully when I got to open it, I found my prophecy of the book to be true.
The story was fascinating, Lis found herself in a new place and at first, it was great, but then bad things start happening, her nightmares get worse and although she gets in with the in-crowd not everything seems right. When lis falls out of sync with the in-crowd she finds herself in an even bigger predicament. Her paranoia gets worse, but wouldn’t yours if you heard stange noises and saw strange shapes?
The plot thickens right from the word go with Hollow Pike and by the end of the book I was wading through one of the best storylines Ive read. It captured me and I couldn’t get out of the deep water but that’s fine, because I really didn’t want to!! There were so many twists and turns in this book that it was like you were running through the copse and kept having to avoid the trees.
The characters are brilliantly put across in Hollow Pike and although I did want more background to all of them they were still great characters. I loved that I could see them all in my head; even though Kitty looked exactly like a girl I went to school with in my head and that freaked me out a bit! I could see the popular girls all looking like identical twins and Dee looking like a beautiful red haired temptress! I know she’s not a temptress as such but seriously, she was absolutely stunning in my eyes, all mysterious and witch-y looking. It was easy to see why Dee, Kitty and Jack were talked about so much for being weird to be honest, but I loved all three of them! Sarah, Lis’ sister, was also an amazing character and their relationship reminded me of me and my sister. Even though there’s not as huge an age gap we also moved in together when I was young and she had the same sister/mother crossover role in my life.
Lis was an interesting character. I liked her but I didn’t actually get as much out of her than the others, I could relate to her but I needed to know more, there was so much of her there but we only get to see the surface. I want to know what happened in Wales, what happened to her father… As I say, I can kind of relate to her but I need to see more of her. I need more Mr Dawson!!!
As you can gather, I really enjoyed this book, if you liked point horror and goosebumps then you will love it too, it was kind of like Blair Witch Project meets The Craft and with a bit of Mean Girls thrown in. I loved the action and the speed of the book, it was a brilliant read. Just don’t read late at night when youre in your house alone… trust me!
Hollow Pike is the debut novel from James Dawson, it is due for release on February 2nd from Indigo. Thank you to the publisher for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review.

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  • Vivienne

    I think not having a lot of information about the characters added to the suspense of the book, because you never really knew who to trust. I was convinced they were all involved!

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