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Hidden Blog Tour: The World of Hidden by Marianne Curley

Today I have Marianne Curley on the blog talking about her new novel Hidden which is published by Bloomsbury tomorrow. 

Tell us about the world of Angels that you’ve created.
In my new book, called Hidden, the Earth is composed of four worlds, referred to as dimensions or realms. At the centre is Earth, the world of mortal life where humans are born, live and die. Avena is the world where angels live and keep close watch over humans. Skade is the home of Dark Angels, demons and the souls of humans meant for a darker place. And Skade is a dark place because of the many volcanoes that pump toxic ash clouds into its atmosphere. The fourth dimension is Peridis. This is where the souls of humans go to live in a world of peace and infinite love.
Keeping the worlds apart is an area of space, similar to the four dimensions, but devoid of life. This safety barrier is known as the Crossing. The Crossing exists to facilitate the angels of Avena in their quest to protect humanity. Entry points – or portals – exist in two places on the Earth’s surface. One is in Alaska, a portal monitored by a community of Dark Angels. The other is set deep in forestland on Mount Bungarra, and is monitored by the Brothers of the nearby Monastery.
Avena is a beautiful world, with high mountains, jaw-dropping fjords, lavender forests, with waterfalls fed by abundant creeks glistening with blue ice crystals and a floral landscape of astounding colours. It’s where Angels make their homes in villages and live in peace with one another. It’s also where they learn to be soldiers, and live under the law of the Courts, and the rule of their High King. It’s where they swear their oaths to protect humanity at any cost.

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  • Zoe Crook

    Great post! I have Hidden for review and now you have made me look forward to reading it even more. The trailer is so intriguing. Thanks for posting 🙂

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