Book review of Here Lie The Secrets by Emma Young

Here Lie The Secrets – Emma Young

Mia’s best friend Holly died when they were thirteen. But years later, Holly still hasn’t left her.
Spending the summer in New York, Mia is hoping to escape the visions of Holly that haunt her life at home. There she meets Rav, a parapsychology student, who convinces her to take part in a study into why some people see ghosts. Soon she is caught up in the investigation of Halcyon House, which is reputed to be haunted by a poltergeist. As Mia confronts her fears, what she learns about the house and herself will change her life forever.


Here Lie The Secrets is a mystery like no other. It starts out as a ghost story. A contemporary ghost story about a girl who is haunted by the death of her best friend 5 years ago. She feels safe at the time thought, because her ghost doesn’t ever follow her to New York where she’s spent her summers each year.

The New York summer setting is one that always pulls me into a story. Its the idea of a long hot summer following your dreams and possible romance. Its the friendships that are built over the summers and more. This book only really builds on friendships, theres no romance going on really which I liked about it. But it dwells on past friendships too. There is an element of the unknown throughout and when Mia starts delving into the supernatural with Rav and his team, things start to get a little creepy.

I don’t want to spoil this story but I do want to say that I absolutely loved the outcome of it. Emma Young has done a great job of creating a modern day explanation of a ghost story and everything Mia encounters is so well explained. There were all the creepy elements of a ghost story but rational, well thought out approaches to it explored too.

Mia is a sweet character but I didn’t warm to her as much as I hoped. I actually preferred Rav, I thought his story was interesting and I loved the idea of being a parapsychologist. Mia’s friend Tamara was less of a main character than I expected too. But for me the story made up for the fact that the characters weren’t as fully explored as I would have liked. Lana, Alli and the rest of Rav’s team were interesting enough but not explored in depth, you just got a little background on them – enough to make them interesting and understand a bit about why they were there.

Like I say, I really loved the story and I thought that the ‘ghosty’ bits were amazingly written. I really loved the outcome and the ending made the story for me, I would definitely recommend it for setting and this alone!

Here Lie The Secrets was published on 25th June by Little Tiger Books. My copy was sent to me in exchange for an honest review.

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