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Harry Potter – movie

I’m not gunna lie. This contains some serious spoilers!!! 
I saw the Harry Potter movie on Tuesday night. The Deathly Hallows part one, it was as I thought it would be, bloody awesome. However…. The one and only thing that let it down was the need to explain things that the previous movies didn’t. Bill waltzes in an introduces himself, and his scars but that wouldn’t have been needed if it wasn’t for the fact he wasn’t fighting the death eaters the night Dumbledore died in the movie. Also the character was soooo not cool enough to be the real Bill. I loved bill in the books! he sounded well fanciable! however I’ll move away from my taste in fictional characters! 
There were some characters that I thought we spot on. The guys who played Harry, Ron and Hermione when they had the poly-juice potion in the ministry! They were awesome, acted so well and just looked like the guys would have if they were themselves! (I hope that makes sense! It did in my head!) and also Xeno Lovegod, awesome character, you can see where Luna gets her slight strangeness from! 
The little snippets between Ron and Hermione were well developed also, the bit after he comes back and Hermione says “I’m always mad at him” made me giggle so much. I love how their relationship has been done in the films almost as much as in the books, which is saying something. On the subject of Hermione as well, at the beginning when she was in her house… Did not expect that!! It was absolutely shattering! i was crying my eyes out for her, the way she disappeared from the photo frames and everything, that was some great cinematography! It made you realise how much Ron and Hermione have had to give up for Harry which works well.
However around half way through the movie, my boyfriend leant over to me and whispered, “why they looking for horcruxes?” and this is the bit, I think, where the film really disappoints. It isn’t explained fully enough in the sixth film the importance of the horcruxes. It also isn’t explained in this new movie and the weight of the decision on Harry, between Horcruxes or Hallows, also isn’t focussed upon enough. There didn’t seem to be any point where harry stopped and thought about why he had to know about each and which was the one he had to focus on finding the most. The film didn’t disappoint me but the fact that I know it wouldn’t make as much sense to someone who hasn’t read the book did. I know its obvious that to put everything from the books into a movie would make the series around 12 films and not 8 but still, I think it misses out some major important bits… 
I’m trying not to be negative, but I also have to mention that they missed out one of my favourite parts of the books, probably in favour of showing the excellent Hermione scene; when the Dursleys are leaving and Dudley stops and asks why Harry isn’t going with them. This bit in the book makes perfect sense, it shows Harry as Dudley’s cousin who actually means something to him, not just a punch bag and it made me tearful when I read it. I’m gutted that is wasn’t put in the movie. I wanted to see the Big D have a heart for once! 
I cant wait for the second part of the movie but unfortunately due the arses in the movie business wanting a summer blockbuster I will have to. It should be pretty awesome though if the first is anything to go on! And I’ll try and get the boyfriend to read the books before then so I don’t have to explain it all 😉
I hope I haven’t been too harsh on the movie, so I thought I’d remind you guys of another excellent part before I leave you to ponder it yourself; “oh Bill, don’t look at me, I’m ‘ideous!” 🙂
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