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Harry Potter Collection

I’m not gunna go into a long arse review of what I think of the books tonight, I’m a bit too sleepy!
I just finished reading the last one and as I picked it up last week it dawned on me that I hadn’t actually read it since its release back in 2007. I loved the series so much that I didn’t wanna lose what I felt and how it touched me when I read the entire thing from 3am (after I’d picked it up from the midnight launch) til 1 the next day. The feelings that I had when I read the whole Deathly Hallows in that one sitting just had all the of the characters, the whole book, and the series, as real living things in my head. The way I read it in the one sitting locked up in my room not thinking of anything but Harry and the wizarding world made me think that the wizarding world was the real world and those people are my friends. I was scared that another read of the books would make me lose that feeling. That Harry and the other guys would become just descriptions on the page.
I’m glad now that reading the book again, in-between work and having a real life has made me love the characters even more. I don’t care what anyone says Hogwarts is real and I believe in nargles 😛 haha.
One thing that reading the whole series again has made me realise is the things that are wrong. The fact that the Creevey brothers are both in Hogsmede when Dumbledore’s army has its first meeting in the hogs head, when Dennis isn’t actually old enough to be. Also the fact that Harry gets his days mixed up in the fourth book and says that he woke up with a major pain in his scar the Sunday before the Quidditch world cup when really it was the Sunday. The way that in the first and second books the broomsticks of the Quidditch house teams are kept in the schools broom cupboard but by the fourth Harrys is in his dormitory. I picked up on these things for the first time when reading the books this time round and I thought that mistakes like these would make me dislike the books a little, like they’re wrong.
When I started thinking about these mistakes though it kinda started making me feel that perhaps it shows that they are more real. The thoughts behind them were real and the mistakes are just human. Lets face it, I sometimes mix my days up just like Harry and well Rowling is a person so even though the story isn’t ”real” it is inside her head and she makes mistakes like the rest of us. I think that finding these mistakes has actually made me love the series more and made me look up to Rowling more too. I never thought about the person behind the books. I knew who she was and how much shes made from these books but i never actually thought about her and know I’m thinking about her and just thinking that she has to have an incredible imagination to be able to pull the series off.
I don’t care how many people say she has nicked other peoples ideas and how many people think that she just published the books rather than thought them up herself. I think that Rowling is amazing. I wish I could pull off what she has!


  • bluecloverbelle

    ah yes, Harry Potter really does take you deep into that magical world! I do find that the more you read things, the more mistakes you find! I think its what comes of being a Literature student, being all analytical about it!
    As a trainee publisher, knowing that pretty much every publisher turned her down (except one of course!) makes you think how they must be kicking themselves that they missed out bigtime on her talent!!

  • Lea Sophia

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    Lea ♥
    Oh, did I really forgot to swoon over the HP series? I love them so so much, just bought them in English to re-read them soon^^

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