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Harry potter and the Cursed Child – Jack Thorne, J.K Rowling & John Tiffany

harry-potter-cursed-child-review-readaraptorI would usually include a quote from the book to start my reviews, along with a brief blurb/synopsis of the book so that I can set a scene for the book to go on to my thoughts about it. With Harry Potter and the Cursed Child I am not going to do that because I honestly don’t want to spoil anything for anyone.

I will share the fact that it takes place 19 years after the end of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and follows Harry’s son Albus and Draco’s son Scorpius.

I wanted to love this book, and I will love it because its part of the world that I grew up with and I have such admiration for… but it isn’t the next Harry Potter I wanted, that’s for sure. It’s a bit of a twisted tale and it features a Harry that is probably all the bad traits of him and not many of the good… and don’t get me started on Ron, he may as well have not been in the thing at all!

For a play this took me far too long to read. Its a good 300+ pages but due to its script format I really should have had it read in a few short sittings. In actual fact it took me months to read the whole thing because I wasn’t really that interested in what was going on. There were some bits that really captured me, especially during the end of part one and beginning of part two, but other than that I just plodded along and enjoyed being back at Hogwarts/ The Ministry of Magic/General wizard-y places.

I probably will struggle to recommend this book, its one that you will enjoy to an extent if you enjoy the world of Harry Potter but if you are a die-hard fan of the original books Im not sure there is a lot there for you. It might work better on stage, and I’m hoping it does; but I have to wait until November next year to find out for sure!

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