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Guest Post: What Makes Me Cry by Matthew Quick

As part of LoveYA month I have Matthew Quick, author of Silver Linings Playbook and Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock sharing the five things that make him cry. #WeLoveYA has been set up by publishing company Headline to celebrate their YA list and YA in general. From Jen E Smith’s top five books, songs and films that make her happy, to Tanya Byrne’s top five books, songs and films that make her sad to Cathy Brett’s letter to her teenage self, they have some amazing content.  The YA team at Headline will also be writing short pieces about their favourite YA book, and a little bit about what we do at Headline in publicity, marketing, sales and editorial.
You can find out more, and read about some UK Bloggers favourite YA Books, over at the Which Book Next? Facebook and Pinterest pages. 

Makes Me Cry

5. Song – Mother by Tori Amos
The “tuck those ribbons under your helmet” line and the loss of innocence theme really crush me. Also the idea of volunteering for the assignment of leaving your family and taking that scary step into adulthood. That was hard for me. Still is. “I can remember where I come from.”
4. Song – Lost Cause and All In Your Mind (played back-to-back) by Beck 
I remember being depressed once in grad school and listening to these two songs on repeat for days. Sea Change is an amazing album that I now avoid when I am not feeling well.
3. Novel – One Day by David Nicholls
I read this one on a beach and had to wade out into the ocean to finish the last several pages, because I didn’t want the other beachgoers to see me crying. Time is a cruel, cruel force. I met my wife in college. Lucky for me (and her?), I was no Dexter Mayhew. But I have lost touch with people whom I once loved, and it’s always excruciating to wake up one day and realize that good people have vanished from your life when you weren’t looking.
2. Song – Adagio for Strings by Samuel Barber
Listening to this with my eyes closed absolutely destroys me. Complete obliteration.
1. Movie – It’s A Wonderful Life
Every Christmas Eve my wife and I watch this film because we need to believe that when you put your best into the world, sometimes the universe notices. I weep every year, even when I’m in a theater full of joyful strangers ringing bells, giving out angel wings at the end. George Bailey is my hero.

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