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Guest Blog – The Inspirations behind Cracked by Eliza Crewe

Today I have author Eliza Crewe on the blog talking about the inspiration behind her new book, Cracked, which will be published on November 5th through Strange Chemistry. 

Inspirations Behind Cracked
Thank you so much for inviting me to guest-post! I have to admit this topic, inspirations behind Cracked, was a lot harder for me than I anticipated. There are so many, and yet so few that are overt, that it took me a while to suss them out. Here are just a few:
Something Different
The only direct inspiration I had for Cracked was the novel I wrote right before it. In that story the main character is a timid little mouse of a girl with low self-esteem. It was the first story I’d ever written, so it was ROUGH. As a result, I spent a lot of time revising–and I say “a lot of time revising” the same way a fish would say he spends “a lot of time swimming”. After spending so much time in that character’s head I was ready for something different, and Meda, my unapologetic, violence-loving monster girl, was born.
Monster Girl
Evil little girls have always creeped me out. That girl from The Ring–yikes! And ifthisever happened to me, I think I’d die. I think there’s something about the contrast between what we expect of little girls (sweet, adorable innocence) that makes it extra creepy when they’re evil. Of course, Meda isn’t really “little” like the girls in my examples, but the idea is the same.
Also, I have older brothers and it always struck me as unfair the amount of freedom they had–and still have, really–versus what I do. The ability to go for a jog at night if they feel like it, or walk home from the bar without having to wait for an escort, or to go hiking by themselves. Not to say I never did any of those things, but I was always conscious of the risk involved. As a result, the idea of a girl who isn’t vulnerable, who enjoys the freedom of being unafraid, really appeals to me. Meda is the predator, not the prey.
Knights Templar
The society of heroes in Cracked is based off the Knights Templar. I’ve always been a bit fascinated by them–I mean, what’s not to love? Warrior monks! Knights! The Holy Grail! Secret Societies! Friday the 13th! I naturally thought of making the good guys angels, since the bad guys are demons, but decided to make them human instead, because, frankly, writing purely good people is no fun. I wanted characters that were seriously flawed, who struggled with their good and bad side, and who made hard choices between what’s right and what’s wrong.
I love a good friendship story. Rose and Lissa in The Vampire AcademyBooks, the threesome in the HP books, Calvin and Hobbes–are all some of my favorites. So when I started forming relationships between the characters, it’s not surprising I went with besties. Plus a romantic angle was going to be a hard sell for Meda–she’s not exactly a moonlight-and-roses kinda girl!

What about the other writers out there? Where do you pull your inspiration from?
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