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Guess How Much I Love You – Sam McBratney & Anita Jeram

I don’t know what was read to me as a child but I’m fairly certain that there were books that were definitely missing from my collection. Guess How Much I love You is one such book. I would have been six when it came out and yes it wasn’t as huge and successful as it is now straight away but my mum or dad should have known that it was needed in my life!

When I found out I had my own Little Nutbrown Hare on the way I wanted to make sure I had the classic picture books from my childhood and others that I’d heard about since in her library. Guess How Much I Love You was not only bought for this purpose but also to make for a brilliant prop in one of my maternity photoshoot pictures!

Having utilised it at the photoshoot I chose one particularly rubbish Sunday afternoon when Spike wouldn’t settle to crack the spine and read this book for the first time. She wasn’t particularly interested because lets face it at three weeks old she cant see the awesome pictures but I think she enjoyed listening to my voice while I read it. It settled her quickly and she was almost asleep by the end of it!

As for me I really enjoyed my first read of this book. I knew it was considered something special and from the merchandise I knew that it had something to do with the moon by the end but I didn’t know at all what the story was and I loved sharing the first read of it with my little girl who I do love so much.

I can understand why this book has become such a huge success and I know its one that will be well worn by the time Spike starts school. I’m glad I bought it in a board book format so the pages wont get as ruined!!

Guess How Much I Love You was published by Walker Books in 1994. My copy was purchased online..
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