Graffiti Moon – Cath Crowley

“I pedal fast. Down Rose Drive, where houses swim in pools of orange streetlight. Where people sit on verandas, hoping to catch a breeze. Let me make it in time. Please let me make it in time.
Just arrived at the studio. Your graffiti guys Shadow and Poet are here, Al texted, and I took off across the night.”
Lucy is art-obsessed, for most of her life art is all she can think about, except for the last two years art has had a rival in her thoughts. Shadow paints across the city, he’s a grafiti artist and no-one knows who he really is. And Lucy loves him. Her best friend thinks its crazy, she’s never even met Shadow, how can she love him? 
Ed is in trouble. He’s lost his job at the paint store and can’t make his share of this months rent. His mum doesn’t have enough to pay for it all. This calls for drastic action. When he hears of Leo’s plans for a quick fix on the cash front he’s all for it. He, Leo and Dylan can do a job and make some money. But plans start to back fire slightly when Lucy, Jazz and Daisy join the evenings events. 
Ed and Lucy are an unlikely match but when Ed tells her that he can lead her to Shadow she’s all for it. They embark on an adventure across the city that will open both of their eyes. 

Oh Cath Crowley… please write me into an all night adventure where everything is magical and beautiful and raw, so, so raw. I couldn’t put Graffiti Moon down and I know I’m not the only one. 
After a bit of a slwo beginning Graffiti Moon kicks off big style. the first 40 pages are interesting enough but don’t instantly grab you, thats what the next 200 are for! As soon as Lucy and Ed started hanging around together the book gained momentum and that never stopped growing for me. 
Art is a huge thing in this book. You learn on page five that Ed is shadow so it’s not a huge spoiler… but Lucy doesn’t know until later. Lucy has been working with Al, a glassblower for a year or so and is planning on going to college to study art, ed is a graffiti artist who dropped out of school in year ten. With art being such a prominent topic within the book I was worried becuase whilst I like art I don’t know a lot about it, but it wasn’t a problem at all and to be honest, the writing flows like art and the whole book is beautiful. 
I loved the two main characters, Lucy and Ed. They knew each other before Ed dropped out but they aren’t exactly friends as Lucy broke Ed’s nose when they tried dating back then. The whole book takes place in one evening and the beginning of the evening is so funny, there’s amusing bits later too but the beginning is actually laugh out loud funny! The conversations between the two main characters are some of the funniest because Lucy doesn’t know that Ed’s Shadow and some of the things she comes out about him are cringeworthy! The other characters had depth and passion that jumped out of the page at you and a lot of this book highlights how individual and different love can be for people. I adored Lucy’s parents outlook on life and Bert’s relationship with his wife was amazing. I also loved Jazz but most of all, Leo. Leo was such a great character and I loved that some of the chapters were dedicated to his poems, which were quite honestly some of the best poems I’ve read! 
This book made me want to take an all night adventure of my own. I wanted to walk the hot streets of Melbourne and discover new things about my life, about love and about other people and in places, I forgot I wasn’t actually doing all that! It’s a magical book that will whisk you away and make you fall in love with life, no matter how bad it is. Graffiti Moon reminds you that life is shit but we still have to live it! 
Graffiti Moon will be published on July 5th by Hodder Children’s Books. My copy was given to me by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. 


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