Goodnight stories for rebel girls
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Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls – Elena Favilli & Francesca Cavallo

Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls reinvents fairytales, inspiring children with the stories of 100 heroic women from Elizabeth 1 to Serena Williams.

Illustrated by 60 female artists from every corner of the globe, this is the most-funded original book in the history of crowdfunding.


I knew as soon as I first heard about it that Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls was my kind of book. I can’t remember if I was pregnant with Spike or if I had already had her but I knew that this book would be something I’d be getting for me to read then pass on to her.

This was my first reading of the book but it won’t be my last. I finally managed to pick it up after being bought it for my birthday last year and I devoured it in a few sittings. Obviously its aimed at children- I’d say around 7 year olds – so its fairly easy to read. Each story takes up a single page with the actual writing and a page with an image of the women in the story.

There were women I had heard of, but there were also plenty who I hadn’t heard of at all. The stories of the women I’d heard of were just as fascinating as those I hadn’t though as I didn’t always know their full stories.

I probably had 3 favourite stories from the entire book. Ann Makosinski who, at 15, has invested a torch that runs on human energy! Ashley Fiolek, a deaf motocross racer who hasn’t let the fact she can’t hear the engine stop her career ambitions. And Lakshmi Bai, a warrior queen from India who lead a fierce battle against the British army who were trying to rule her town Jhansi.

I can’t wait to share these stories with Spike and I would definitely recommend this book to any 7 year old. The stories of these ladies need to be shared as they are stories to truly inspire!

Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls was published by Penguin Books in March 2017. My copy was gifted to me. 

For more info or to buy the book please visit: 

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