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Good night, Sleep tight – Kristina Andres

Good Night Sleep Tight by Kristina Andres, published by Gecko Press“Fox and Rabbit live quite far away, in a bight little house beyond the molehills.
One night Rabbit came racing home across the fields and up to the door, which Fox had locked because it was almost midnight.”


And so begins the first of 11 and a half stories in which Fox and Rabbit try to find new ways to sleep and say good night…



This little collection of stories is the perfect bedtime treasury for a tired little girl or boy who just needs to hear their parents’ voice as they drift off to sleep.

Spike loves a bedtime story, but as she’s so little, she usually falls asleep before they finish with long ones! I’ve taken to reading half on some nights because she won’t stay awake for them. However this little book was the ideal thing for us.

Each story, of wish there are 11 and a half, is no more than 3 pages long. I think the first story, which is split over 5 pages but three of them only have a paragraph of large text, is the longest one and took around 5 minutes, if that, to read. They are all about sleeping, or trying to sleep, or ways to say good night too, which definitely helps set the scene for our goodnight.
The two characters are the best of friends and I love the pickles they find themselves in. The very first story was my favourite because it made me laugh out loud! I love the mixture of characters and the two main characters’ friends too.
The illustrations were adorable and there were points when I wanted to really share the pictures with Spike… if she wasn’t sleepy I would have! I think when she’s a bit older this book will still be loved because we’ll read it together before bed, talking about the beautiful pictures and the stories in more depth.
Its probably one of the best bedtime story treasuries I’ve come across so far and I would definitely recommend it for a 1st birthday/Christmas, baby shower or christening gift!
Good Night, Sleep Tight was published by Gecko Press on October 1st 2017. My copy was sent to me from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. 

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