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Geektastic: Stories from the Nerd Herd – Holly Black and Cecil Castellucci

In this fantastic collection of stories Holly Black and Cecil Castellucci have collaborated with other YA authors such as John Green, Libba Bray, David Levithan, Garth Nix and others, to help celebrate all things geeky. From a Jedi/Klingon love affair to a Quiet Knight who comes across his fair lady in the strangest of circumstances, from a class joke on the geeky guys to a star gazing marathon, all these stories will settle in your heart and make you appreciate live for how you are living it. 

I really, really enjoyed a lot of these stories. I wasn’t sure after the very first one that I would as it went a little over my head. I’m not geeky enough to understand the Klingon characteristics and the whole cosplaying laws in the first story were a little woah for me, but thankfully everything else was a little more understandable for me and even that first story was ok once I reminded myself a bit about the Star Trek universe. 
There are a lot of different types of stories in this book, some are about love, some family, and some about finding yourself. I loved most of them and I thought some of the characters just jumped out of the pages. I think I most resonated with Sara Zarr’s story ‘This is my Audition Monologue’ because I understood what Rachel was going through, she spoke all of my thoughts from high school when I tried out for the school plays, except no one ever died at my school! However anyone who has read this collection and is visiting this blog my favourite story had to be The Truth about Dino Girl by Barry Lyga… Katya was soooo much more geeky dinowise than I am but I LOVED her for her love of dinosaurs, I chuckled the whole way through this story but it was touching too and I really loved it, even though I don’t quite agree with the end of it so much… 
I also enjoyed I Never, Cassandra Clare’s story of two girls who go to meet up with a group they met in an online gaming world and end up playing a game of I Never… which is a scary game – if you’ve never heard of it, don’t play it if you are offered to! Freak The Geek was my first John Green story amazingly but I absolutely loved it and what it said about the two main characters and their friendship. The Stars at the Finish Line by Wendy Mass was a fantastic first love story and I felt weak at the knees just reading it and Libba Bray’s Its Just a Jump to the Left covered so many topics I cant even begin to explain but it was just amazing and made me well up! 
A lot of these authors I had either heard of and never read or had never heard of at all… there was only Scott Westerfeld, Libba Bray and Holly Black who I had read previously and I think reading this collection has made me even more excited to check out the others. I had heard amazing things about Garth Nix, Cecil Castellucci, Sara Zarr, Cassandra Clare etc and now I want to jump straight into their books. The others who I hadn’t come across before have got me really intrigued and they are all authors I will be checking out now.
There were only a couple of stories I really didn’t connect with at all. The King of Pelinesse by MT Anderson and Secret Identity by Kelly Link really weren’t my kinda stories and it took me a little longer to read these because of this. However, if I liked 13 out of 15 of these stories I’d say that is a good ratio and I’m sure other people will enjoy these couple of stories more than I did. 
I really would recommend this series for anyone who is remotely geeky. In between each story there are page length comic strips by Brian Lee O’Malley – of Scott Pligrim fame – and Hope Larson – who is a comic book artist I will definitely be checking out! I loved these comics as they broke up the text stories and some of them were so much fun. There’s something for every type of geek in Geektastic and as you can tell I really can’t rate this book highly enough. 

Geektastic was published by Little, Brown in 2009, it has no UK publisher but can be purchased from a number of online retailers and stores such as Foyles which have an imported section. My copy was purchased from Foyles. 

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