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Geekhood: Mission Improbable – Andy Robb (Geekhood #2)

***Please note that whilst I have tried not to include any spoilers of this book, there may be some within my review for its predecessor, Geekhood: Close Encounters of the Girl Kind***

“I hate being late. Especially when I don’t have a choice in the matter. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind a Wednesday trip to the dentist. In geek terms, its the closest you’ll ever get to the thrill of bunking off school. There’s even something vaguely satisfying about lying back in a chair, with a mouth full of fingers and looking up a man’s hairy nostrils, knowing that your mates are up to their oreilles in French.”

Archie’s back, and he still hasn’t got his girl. After Sarah turned him down all he’s done is avoid her, he knows that he should just apologise for his stupid behaviour and make up, but that’s easier said than done. Then on a trip up to his dad’s new house in York Archie meets Clare, a sexy sixteen year old who has the answers to his problem. The two of them spark up a fauxmance to make those they really want to being going out with jealous. Combine this with a weekend of live action role-playing Archie should be in heaven right about now… but as the fauxmance begins Archie soon realises that the plan is as doomed as a raid on a dragons cave in the dark. 

I love the hilarity that ensues as soon as I open the Geekhood books. This second instalment is just as funny, if not funnier than the first and had me laughing out loud again and again.
Archie’s life is still a mess. He still has his internal monologue pointing out his geekiest sides and when the idea of LARPing is brought up the IM goes into over drive. I love that this gives us an insight into the nagging doubt that Archie goes through on a daily basis but sometimes it even gets things wrong. The IM is like a character in itself but I’m glad that Archie just takes it as it comes and does what he truly wants to anyway. 
The book explores Archie’s resentment towards his dad for moving away, the strained relationship between him and his mums boyfriend and the everyday problems of being a complete geek, and a teenage boy. There’s bullying, night-time issues, toilet trouble and the utter embarrassment of being handed condoms by your new stepdad. Whilst this is going on though we get to have a laugh about it, because lets face it… when its not you having to go through these things its all pretty hilarious.  
I read this in snippets during my time at home and at work. I really wouldn’t recommend reading it anywhere you have to be quiet because in all honesty I got some VERY strange looks as I snorted drink through my nose, especially at the beginning of chapter 8, page 170, which quite possibly made me squirm the most any page ever has! 
I love the insight to the geek and male teen boy world this book gives you, there’s no holds barred and every thought and action seems real. I can imagine (though some bits I wouldn’t want to) every part of this book actually happening and I love how Andy Robb has made me love Archie despite his apparent geekiness, his awkwardness and, lets face it, his stupidity. 
I couldn’t give this book any more praise to be honest. I love that the girls got involved in things that are stereotypically not that girls do and I love that Sarah is seen as quite a strong, yet caring character. I like the relationship that exist in the book and I think that the ‘bromances’ are quite possibly the strongest I’ve seen in YA lit. Andy Robb has done another excellent job with Geekhood 2 and I can’t wait to see what else he does in the future. 
Geekhood: Mission Improbable was published in April by Stripes Publishing. My copy was sent by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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  • Zoe Crook

    I need to read these Geekhood books! Being a geek myself, I’m always up for a fun and nerdy book like this 🙂

    I love humour books too. Thanks for the great review!

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