Geekhood: Close encounters of the Girl Kind – Andy Robb

There are better ways to wake up. One would be to be nudged into consciousness after a night of Abandoned Passion with Katy Ford. (But, short of selling my soul on eBay, any form of Abandoned Passion will have to remain on a solo flight.)”

Archie is a geek; he spends his life holed away in his room painting miniature witches and gargoyles. He is a level 5 Mage capable of summoning the dead, but thats only in the world of role-playing games. in real life he’s a fourteen year old boy with problems, his mothers a know-it-all, his fathers dropping a bombshell, his stepfathers a Tosser and he’s got a ogre style school bully after him. On top of all of this theres suddenly A GIRL who has found her way into the geek world and Archie is on a quest to win her heart. 

I knew as soon as I saw the title of this book that it would be my kinda thing, team it up with a great cover, a very funny sounding plot and an author who never fails to make me laugh on twitter and it  really was a must read! 
I’m so glad I found it Waterstones 2 months before its publication date because it means that I was introduced to the brilliant yet misunderstood – and sometimes misunderstanding – Archie even sooner! Reading about Archie over the course of just a few short weeks of his life was like… well… like wanting to hit your head off the wall repeatedly – in a good way, if there is a good way! Archie’s actions were hilarious and quite often I found my head shaking in disbelief and my shoulders rolling in giggles because of the things he was up to. His life in these short weeks goes from bad to worse and just when you think they are about to get better if goes bad again. 
I loved the insight we get into Archie and his feelings as a 14 year old boy. These boy types don’t really let their feelings come out a lot, especially when they’re of the geek variety. Archie was going through a lot of crap but dealing with it in the wrong ways entirely and that makes for a great read, especially looking back at it now because its all 14 year old drama really. However saying that we do get to see Archie grow a lot as a character within the pages of Geekhood, even if that beard won’t grow and at the end of the book I had high hopes for him!
I loved the character we meet and the strong bond that Archie and his friends have through their hobby. It was really interesting to get an insight into the world of role-playing and Dungeons and Dragons because I’ve always built up assumptions about it that I don’t think are true now! I have a new found respect for the game purely cos of this book! 
Saying that though, one of the only downsides I had with Geekhood was that at the beginning of the book the description regarding the game and Archie’s painting of the miniatures and how you have to carry out the paintwork etc were a bit too heavy. I think anyone reading the book with no interest or prior knowledge of the game might glaze over at these points… but they did give you an idea about just how into the game and painting Archie was. 
I’m not sure what I thought of Sarah, of all the characters i actually related to her the most but I didn’t because she was a bit of a bitch. I don’t think she realised what effect she had on people, but she also might have and played up to that a bit. I think she could have handled things better and that would have made her a more likable character but I think you have to not like her because you’re on Archie’s side. I also have to add that I really loved Tony’s character and didn’t think he was a tosser at all. I think he could learn a few things form listening more and taking Archie’s feelings into consideration but I loved him by the end and liked where the relationship between the two characters went. 
I really did love Geekhood and would recommend it to so many people! I loved the Next catalogue mentions and the way the character grew. I loved Archie’s mum and her very “English” ways of dealing with things and I loved how it showed how messed up change can make you. The writing style was really good and I enjoyed the snippets of Archie’s conscious that flowed out onto the page. I am really going to have to beg Andy Robb for more writing because I love his style and I hope he delivers so that I can gush some more!
Geekhood: Close Encounters of the Girl Kind will be officially published on June 4th but has been available from some retailers slightly earlier. Published by Stripes Publishing, my copy was purchased myself. 

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