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Fuzz McFlops – Eva Furnari

“In Burrow 88, Briar Road, Swifton, lived a very reclusive rabbit. He didn’t receive any visitors, had no friends, and was never interested in talking to anyone. 

His neighbours were used to it and said he was scatterbrained and spacey, with his head in the clouds, but it was understandable because he was a poet.

He was the famous poet and writer Fuzz McFlops.” 

Fuzz McFlops is a recluse, he likes to bury himself away in his burrow and write his stories, for he is the well known author of books such as The Withered Carrot, Red Eyes and Unhappy Easter. When he receives a letter in the mail one day from a rather up-front fan, suggesting changes to make to his poems happier he can’t believe the cheek… He ants to ignore it but can’t, and every time he responds to this fan his funny, too-short ear starts twitching. As the pair continue their correspondence Fuzz cannot help wonder where their story will take them and if he’s finally found one with a happy ever after, after all. 


Apparently Fuzz McFlops has been a best seller in Brazil for years but has only just found its way to our shores. All I can say about that is that its taken far too long as I think its such a cute read for the 6+ market and all young boys and girls should definitely enjoy it.

I liked the humour in Fuzz McFlops and enjoyed it for what it was, a story about a lonely old rabbit who allows his anger and humiliation pave way for a beautiful friendship. I was quite surprised about the humour because quite often with translated books things like that get lost in translation and it takes a great translator to capture what the original book had. I could have been told that Fuzz McFlops was written in English for the English market and I wouldn’t have ever suggested otherwise following my reading of it because of how well Alison Entrekin did with it.

The book is illustrated throughout and that really allows the story to come to life as it gets Fuzz McFlops’ character across really well. I liked the inclusion of his book covers, the picture of him as a boy and especially the instruction manual thing for the earlongator!

Fuzz McFlops was a very fun and very quick read. At just 53 pages I knew it wouldn’t take too long anyway but actually the story only covers 37 of those and the last 15 are interesting add-ons explaining a few things. I liked them but I would have probably liked the story to be longer more if I’m completely honest.

Fuzz McFlops was originally published in Brazil in 2007, the English version, translated by Alison Entrekin will be published on April 23rd by Pushkin Children’s Books. My copy was sent from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
To buy the book or for more info please visit:  
Amazon | Hive | Goodreads | Author website (please note this is a Brazilian website)

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