FrostFire – Zoe Marriott

“In my dreams, the wolves come for me. I hear their voices echoing from the far-off mountains and the frost-bright stars. They sing of the hunt, and hot blood spilled on snow, and the scent of their prey’s fear on the wind. My fear.”
Frost is alone. Her father was killed many years ago and her mother spent her time watching Frost and crying herself to sleep at night because of what her daughter is, until she herself died. Frost is cursed, she has a wolf living inside of her, a wolf that rears its ugly head when a drop of blood falls from Frost’s skin. A wolf that doesn’t know friend from foe, that Frost is deathly afraid of. She is bound to be alone forever. 
But then Frost mets Luca and Arian in the woods. After attacking the bandits they are looking for Frost is hurt and the wolf appears, attacking them. The men manage to fight back and imprison her, but Luca understands there is more to her. Arian and Luca are part of the Royal Hill Guard, trying to protect the people of Rua and Frost sets out to become a part of the group. Getting closer to both of the men Frost finds herself torn between them and fears that she won’t be able to protect either of them… from herself.

If I’ve said it before, I’ve said it a thousand times. Zoe Marriott’s writing is a breath of fresh air. It flows amazingly and you can just feel your eyes glide over the page. You start reading and soon realise that over 100 pages have gone by and you’ve been sat in a trancelike state for the past. Thankfully FrostFire did exactly what Zoe’s previous books have done to me, sucked me in completely, ripped open my heart and stitched it back up again, just to do it all over again. 
The story was heartbreaking. Frost is an amazing narrator and character and right form the start you can tell she is a sweet, lovely person who is terrified of this thing inside her. The story right at the beginning about when the wolf first appeared from her was so sad and really makes you warm to the character straight away. She tries to refrain from getting close to people because of what she is and what can happen to them and that really comes across in her personality. Once she is within the Hill Guards camp the story really gets going and you get more of her background, and the backgrounds of both Luca and Arian. 
The characters were amazingly well developed and they really jumped off the page at you, I could visualise them all so well, but especially Arian, he was so vivid in my mind it was scary at times, I could sense facial movements and everything! Other characters were quite minor but you get to know the three mains, the healers Livia and Rani were amazing, especially Livia as she really came round for Frost and you could tell how much she cared for her. Hind was a mentionable character and I really liked what she added to Luca’s character, especially towards the end. The other characters were all very minor except for Ion who really scared me, like seriously, I felt a full on shadowy presence when he was on the page!
The pace of the book is just right I reckon, some people may find it a bit slow going at the beginning and the main plot has a lot of build up, but it works and you find out more about the characters in the way that it works. With the writing following as well as it does too you will hardly notice that not a great deal happens within the first 100 pages, you will enjoy them anyway! 
The main thing I was worried about in FrostFire was the love triangle aspect of it. I don’t do well with love triangles and I was worrying so much about it but I needn’t have done. At first for a few pages I did think that maybe the love triangle was different in the sense that Arian had a thing for Luca but when I realised that they were practically brothers I got worried again! Then the story went on and the way the love triangle aspect was done was actually different, it was less ‘oooo which boy should I choose’ and more ‘he’s a really sweet guy but I like the other one more, maybe if the other one wasn’t around’ and I preferred that. 
FrostFire was almost perfect for me, honestly it was, when I spoke to Zoe about this book she mentioned she was worried that the book was too emo and to be honest, it is a little emo, but when you read what Frost has been through and what she has to live with, you really understand it. I loved Frost’s narration and how descriptive FrostFire is without being over bearing. I like how certain things are picked up on but not made a big deal of, especially sexuality and I loved the ending, even though it broke my heart and made me cry on my lunch break at work! 
I really couldn’t recommend FrostFire highly enough. It’s an amazing fantasy with fantastic characters and brilliant writing. I wish I was half as talented as Zoe is, she will be a favourite of mine for a very long time. 
FrostFire was published on July 5th by Walker Books. My copy was purchased online. 


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