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From The Review Pile (#12): Witch Crag by Kate Can

From the Review Pile is a meme created by Stephanie over at Stepping Out of the Page Designed to highlight the books that we have have sitting on our review piles and tbr shelves for far too long, it gives books the little bit of extra publicity they deserve. You can find out more about the meme here and you can follow the link above to Stephanie’s blog.

Today’s book is Witch Crag by Kate Cann, I received a proof of this as a prize at a Foyles event last year, before it even came out. I was ecstatic as I had heard a lot about it and really wanted to read it. I nearly started it on the train home but finished the book I was reading instead. I brought it home, put it on my shelf and there it has stayed ever since. I really want to get round to it soon, I really do! 

In a tribe where basic survival is the only priority, Kita must make a choice: to accept arranged marriages and being treated with less value than sheep, or escape and journey to the place that even the strongest men fear with their lives — Witch Crag.

But a common threat is facing the witches and sheepmen alike. The tribes must somehow overcome their prejudices and join together if they are to win a war that threatens to destroy everything they hold as good.

Witch Crag was published in October 2012 by Scholastic 

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