Foyles Summer Scream Event August 4th 2012 – 2nd panel

Ok so last week I shared my experience of the first panel at the Summer Scream event at Foyles, which was awesome. A fair few people had to leave after the first panel but as my train wasn’t for a while I thought I’d stick around and wait to met Laura Powell, Ruth Warburton (again but she’s lovely so I don’t mind chatting away to her!) and Thomas Taylor. 
Now to start off with I didn’t know who Thomas Taylor was so I googled him before the event and didn’t recognise any of his stuff, that’s because he’s mostly an Illustrator but his new book is YA and sounds awesome, I didn’t think I’d pick it up at the event but once I heard him talk about it and the ideas behind it I knew I needed to read it and bought a copy. 
Ruth talked a little about the behind the scenes stuff for her books and I really enjoyed hearing all about them, she’s mentioned a couple of times about a mythology behind the series and I have an inkling but I can’t wait for the third book to find out if I’m right. I had actually finished the second book, A Witch in Love, this time and things mentioned made a lot of sense, I really love the passion with which Ruth talks about writing and her books and it makes me love the books even more! 
Laura talked about Burn Mark and the way its different from other witch books, I loved Burn Mark and loved hearing Larua talk about her ideas for the book and how she wrote it. I also enjoyed hearing about the differences in editing for the UK editions and the US editions. Burn Mark and The Winter series of Ruth’s are both about Witches but they are very different books and I liked hearing about them side to side and listening to Ruth and Laura compare them. 
After the authors talked about their books and the writing process there was a Q&A session which was actually pretty lengthy this time, there were fewer people in the crowd which made it more lad back and some questions that were asked were really interesting. I liked hearing about the research that all the authors had to put in and how they balance their writing life’s with their personal ones. There was a question about naming characters and I really liked that because I’m always interested in where names come from, the authors had a little giggle about some of their names becuase the love interest in the Winter series has Ruth’s cousins name, which she didn’t do intentionally, and in Thomas’ book theres a German girl who has the same name as an ex and he was accused of naming her after the ex! 
After the Q&A we got books signed and I had a chat to Laura about my name and where it comes from, Laura even knew my blog when I said my name which made my day and she thanked me for my review of Burn Mark! I felt honored! Then I bought Thomas’ book and talked to him a little bit about his illustration work… Mainly because he was only the bloody illustrator for the first HARRY POTTER book!! I asked him how he got that gig and he told me that he happened to be at the Bloomsbury offices at the right time and it was his first job out of art school, how awesome is that! 
I had a lot of fun at the event and it was really cool to meet these lovely guys, I’m so glad I stuck around for the second panel and I can’t wait to read Haunters by Thomas, the second Burn Mark (when it comes out!!) and finish the Winter series by Ruth. I’m so upset that my phone started to run down on battery so I couldn’t take any pictures of this event to share with you ut I was sat right at the front, which was awesome. 

Thank you so much to Foyles for putting these events on! 


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