Foyles Summer Scream Event August 4th 2012 – 1st panel

Ok, so yet again I went to an event and didn’t take notes, I know right, I’m useless! I think I was in ‘argh’ mode over finally meeting the amazingly awesome Zoe Marriott, the gorgeous Michelle Harrison (seriously she looks like a star!), the lovely Karen Mahoney and wonderful LA (Lee) Weatherly. In addition to these four lovely ladies there was another panel of authors later which included Laura Powell, Ruth Warburton and Thomas Taylor, but more of that in another post! 
So I got to London and met up with some lovely blogging types including Caroline from Big Book Little Book, Prue from The Library Mouse, Kerrie from Read and Repeat and Lily from The Whispering of the pages. We made our way to Foyles and found Viv, Casey and Hannah already there in the front row, naturally! After a little chat we were quietened down by Neil, the event organiser, while the first four authors came out. 

So LA Weatherly kicked it off by reading a little bit from Angel Fire, I haven’t read either of the books in the Angel series and I felt really bad about it as I’ve had the first for over a year! After hearing a snippet it really pushed me to want to read the book as it sounds awesome. Next up Karen Mahoney read us a little bit of her new book which comes out next month Falling to Ash. I’m not a big faerie fan so Karens first book, whilst being really good, didn’t click with me and I didn’t read the second. However Falling to Ash is about a female vampire and a guy who’s hunting her and seriously, from what Karen read out, it sounds hilarious and brilliant. I can’t wait to get my hands on it at all, Karen also shared with us that she believes there will be a comic web series for Falling to Ash closer to its release. 
Following Karens hilarious extract Zoe Marriott read a bit of Frostfire and discussed getting her contact for her first book with Walker. Now to be honest with you Zoe was the main reason for me going all the way to London, the other authors were great and I really like some of their stuff and would have been happy with an event of theirs but Zoe was the icing on the cake for me. Seeing how animated Zoe is when talking about her work and how much passion you can tell she has for writing was brilliant. I loved the story of how she got her publishing deal, admitting that she believes she might have talked the ear off the editor at Walker so much that he just said yes to shut her up! haha
Next up was Michelle Harrison, author of the 13 series and Unrest. I loved hearing Michelle talk about Unrest as I’d heard some stuff about it but wasn’t too clued up on its contents. It sounded so good that I bought a copy there and then. I enjoyed the first two of Michelle’s 13 series which is a fairy story for younger readers but Unrest definitely sounds more like my kind of thing. I really loved Michelle’s story about how her niece pushed her for more in the story when she was writing The 13 Treasures, it sounded so cute that her niece was desperate to hear more of the story each time she visited. 
After the panel there was a Q&A session but not many people ask questions. We got a bit of insight to the film rights of Angel and Lee told us how she’s not actually told about anything thats going on, which would really scare me, knowing that someone is tearing apart my book writing a screenplay on it and I have no input!? wow! Zoe was asked about fairytale retellings which she does so well and her answers were pretty cool, and you can pretty much get her answers from this interview she did a few weeks ago on SugarScope. 
The Q&A was then pulled to a stop and the guys went over to the signing table. Having only Zoe’s and Michelle’s books I only actually went to chat to these guys but Zoe jumped on me and pulled me into a massive hug when she saw me which was awesome and then she signed my books and even drew me a dino in The Daughter of The Flames! Then when Michelle went to sign my book, I told her my name and she was like ‘Raimy-rawr from twitter?’ I nearly squealed! I couldn’t believe she knew who I was, I’m such a fan-girl at times!! 
Anyway, it was a great event and I had some serious fun. I met up with lots of wonderful bloggers and chatted with them and some lovely authors, including the wonderful James Dawson! Come back next week when I chat about the second half of the event, which I’ll try and keep a bit shorter, I promise! 


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