Forsaken (The Demon Trappers #1) – Jana Oliver

Atlanta, Georiga
Riley Blackthorne rolled her eyes.
‘Libraries and demons,’ she muttered. ‘What is the attraction?’
At the sound of her voice the fiend hissed from its perch on top of the book stack. Then it gave Riley the finger.
The librarian chuckled at its antics. ‘It’s been doing that ever since we found it.’”

Riley Blackthorne is her father daughter, that’s for sure. So of course she wanted to follow in his footsteps as a Demon Trapper and earn some money to pay off the outstanding medical bills from her mother’s illness. However demon trapping isn’t for the fainthearted and as the first female allowed to trap, Riley has got a lot more than usual to deal with. When her father is killed Riley’s life takes another turn for the worst and she’s stuck facing even more decisions and demons that seem to be hell-bent on making things even more disastrous. 


Wow, Riley is one kick ass chick, and I loved her! When I first read the back of this book, as seen in this book description, I thought that this would be yet another paranormal fantasy where the girl is torn between the knights in shining armour coming to rescue her. However Forsaken is nothing like that at all and although Riley does enlist the help of some guys, thats not what her life is about.

The action seen in Forsaken is enough to keep anyone on their toes, the very first chapter throws you right in at the deep end whilst Riley chases a demon through a Law Library. There’s something more going on than we are told straight away but you sense it and I loved that element of danger as soon as I opened the book. It really grabbed me and urged me to keep on going. The action really doesn’t let go throughout the book even though Riley isn’t constantly chasing the demons, there’s even scenes of her sat at her desk at school, bored, but still there’s an element of what’s coming up and you feel it the whole way through. The book finished with a bang but one that it’s left on a huge cliff hanger so I was really pleased and that’s made me want to read the next book even more!

I think it’s the action which makes this book brilliant for me. The characters are interesting enough and I really did love Riley but the action is its highest spot. Riley was kick ass, like I said before, but she was still relatively young and after going through so much trauma there was an element of my life sucks about her that I thought could have been toned down a bit more. She didn’t look at things very logically a lot of the time and got herself into stupid situations. Saying that though, I still loved her! The guys, Beck, Simon, Peter and Ori, who hung around were so blatantly into her… I really loved Beck and felt so bad on him after all he’d been through, Riley’s Father, Paul, was just like a dad to him too and I felt as bad on him as I did on Riley. He could have also handled some things a little better too but all in all he was an awesome character. Peter annoyed me a bit too much. He seemed far too needy and selfish in some respects. I was pissed that throughout the whole book we saw him once and he seemed like a bit of a sap to me, sorry Peter! Simon was adorable but there was something about him that made me think he was too good, like there’s something he’s hiding. I didn’t trust him, but wanted to because of how much Riley needed him… And that leaves Ori, wow; I don’t know what to make of him but he’s hot! You don’t get to find out a lot about Ori and I think that adds to his appeal for me! The one thing this book was lacking were other female characters. There were only two that I can think of that deserve a mention and one of them was really minor – Martha. The other, Ayden, was awesome though and I really hope we see more of her! I guess the lack of female characters served to intensify Riley’s solidarity in the all-guy world she lived within.

I really loved this first instalment of The Demon Trappers series and it didn’t once feel like I was being guided into the series, it didn’t act as an introduction and I really liked it for that. There was a lot of action, really good writing and as much attitude s a 15 year olds party. I can’t wait to carry the series on so I’m so glad I have the second book, Forbidden, waiting for me on my tbr!

Forsaken is the first instalment of The Demon Trappers series and was published in January 2011 by Macmillan. Thank you to the publisher for providing me with a copy for review, this has in no way affected my review.

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  • Jade

    One of my fave series, I am so glad you liked this. I prefered Forbidden to Forsaken so you’ll love that too, and Forgiven wasn’t as great bt still good!

    Thanks for the review!

  • Nina @ Death Books and Tea

    Yay! You got round to this! So glad you liked it. In my opinion, the series gets better and better as it goes on so…Didn’t you get the second one at the same time? (I think that’s what you said) Hope you like the next as much as the first!

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