Forgotten – Cat Patrick

“Aren’t Fridays supposed to be good?
This one started badly.
The note on my nightstand didn’t tell me anything useful. My eyelids wanted to stay closed; my favourite jeans were in the hamper, and there was no milk in the fridge.”
For London Lane every day really is a new day. With a reversed memory meaning she can only remember the future, she relies on notes, her mum and her best friend Jamie for help getting through the day. The she meets Luke, a gorgeous, amazing boy who, once a relationship starts, waits on her hand and foot. Theres just one problem, she can’t remember him from her future, and she doesn’t understand why. On top of that she discovers her mums lying to her and Jamie’s not speaking to her, and she needs to get to the bottom of all this… with a little help from her notes.

OK so I was warned by the lovely Vicki at Heaven Hell and Purgatory Book Reviews that this book is a time-killer, you’ll sit down to read it for ten minutes and all of a sudden BAM! You’ve been there for an hour and are 100 pages further. It’s a good job I had an hour though… because she was definitely right!
I couldn’t put this book down. I honestly had to force myself. I read the first 30 pages late one night and put it down cos I had to go to bed. Picked it up the next night for ten minutes… 45 minutes later Id read 75 pages and had to force myself to go to bed again (if I don’t get sleep I’m one cranky lady!) then the next day at work I almost got shouted at because I carried on reading even once my lunch break was over… I just couldn’t stop though… I needed to carry on! So needless to say, I got home from work, sat down and read!
The idea for the story was fantastic. As soon as I read the summary on a blog I knew I NEEDED this book. I had to wait what seemed years (though in reality it was around 3 or 4 months) before I got my hands on a copy and I devoured it!
The storyline was as good, if not even better, than I thought it would be! The idea of remembering nothing from the past but everything from the future. I thought London was so, so strong to go through that, she could see things that she really didnt want to see but had to face them just as we have to face our not so nice memories sometimes!

London was a fantastic character and my oh my…. I’ll have a order of chips with a Luke on the side please! He sounded amazing… except the “thing”… that was weird. (its not a spoiler but I wont say what it is anyway… you’ll know if you’ve read it!) I loved Luke and I really felt for him. He is such a sweetie and you can totally tell that he loves London, and will always!

The characterisation was one of my favourite parts of this book, I guess its probably because it’s all focussing on the things that London remembers from the future, you get a good idea of the story behind a character, even when it’s not someone close to London, like Page, London’s classmate, and stuff like that, it was really nice.
You can gather from my gushing of how amazingly quick this book is to devour that I don’t think the pace slowed at all. It was perfect, everything was set out really well and each revelation came as a shock but not too quickly that it was hard to understand. I loved that we were discovering things about London’s past at the same time she was, even though she had already been through it. It was surreal at first but I really did love it!
I honestly would recommend this book to EVERYONE, honestly. At work when I was reading it I showed it to my boss, she doesn’t read YA much, sometimes makes comments at what I read because she favours longer, adult fantasy series’ and the only YA she’s read is Twilight and Harry Potter but even she read the back and thought it sounded great so she’s asked if she can borrow it! That’s how good this book is, and that’s just from the blurb! It really is a fantastic debut with a brilliant dedication, which, even though it’s not part of the story, made me love the book even more! So get going… buy it, borrow it, whatever, just get this book!!
Forgotten was published on June 6th by Egmont UK. This copy was kindly given to me by Vicki as she had a spare, Thank you! 


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