Forget You – Jennifer Echols

“Every strong swimmer as a story about nearly drowning. This is mine:
Late one June afternoon I was driving home from my summer job at my dad’s water park, Slide with Clyde, when my phone rang and Brandon’s name flashed on the screen. He never I never answered my phone while driving. And everybody working at Slide with Clyde today had heard that my dad had gotten Ashley, the twenty-four-year-old human resources manager, pregnant.”
Three months after it comes out that Zoey’s father has knocked up his 23 year old employee, Zoey and her mother have moved out, into a small apartment, where Zoey gets home one day to find her mother unconscious from overdosing on sleeping pills. Zoey has to move in with her father but god-forbid she actually needs parenting in any way shape or form. She is to keep quiet and out of the way. Even when she crashes her car and can’t remember anything of the past 12 hours. With her sexy footballer boyfriend Brandon acting distant and bad-boy Doug acting like something special has gone on between them, Zoey has lost all control – can she work out what happened that night and regain her control?

I have been meaning to read this one for a while and something kept putting me off but I decided that it was about time to read it and see what it was all about. I was intrigued when I read the back of the book and I wanted to know more about Zoey’s amnesia and what had gone on with the two boys!
I sometimes struggle with the whole love triangle thing and this one clearly is a book with a love triangle. It is the base of the whole book really, with the exception of the amnesia thing, so I was a bit worried about how much I would love this book. As with many cases of the love triangle plot line there was one member of the threesome that I hated and couldn’t stand, I couldn’t understand why Brandon was even in the triangle and wanted to shake Zoey to make her snap out from his spell. The car crash and memory loss really is what made me want to read this book though and that’s what made me enjoy it the most. There was so much intrigue about the car crash and the events surrounding it that I couldn’t put the book down!!
To be totally honest with you I was so happy that the plot was so good and kept me going through this book, the way everything was revealed meant that the story never got boring and there was no dull moments. However if it wasn’t for the plot and it was down to the characters I probably would have thrown this book across the room, seriously! There was ONE character I liked in this entire book, one singular character which wasn’t even the mc! It was bad-boy Doug! I swear every other character annoyed me so much, I couldn’t believe the selfishness of Zoey’s father and Ashley was just sickly sweet, Zoey was naïve and obviously blind stupid, her twin best friends Lila and Keke were just airheads and Brandon… ergh don’t even get me started on that douche! Doug was the one character who made me want to read this book, who made me want to cuddle him and who made me want him! I felt so sorry for him for the way he was treated and how Zoey was so horrible to him. I wanted to shake her!!
Anyway, enough of my little rant, so I didn’t like the characters, who cares. I loved the storyline and the book had me gripped. The writing was pretty damn good, it had reality, the characters said the right things, things a normal 17 year old would say and what’s more is they did the things that a 17 year old would do as well! Things were very much work, school and sex and that didn’t bother me a single bit because that’s what everything is at 17! I also loved its truthfulness about sex because in all honesty, its not all sunshine, rainbows and bunnies, sometimes it doesn’t happen like it does in the movies, and it isnt as special as you’d always thought it would be! This book really did have strong links to reality but I really hope that there isn’t someone on the earth as stupid as Zoey when it comes to men, ergh.
Forget You was released in 2010 by Simon Pulse US. It is yet to get a UK publisher. My copy was borrowed from my good friend Steffi.


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