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Floss The Playground Boss – Corrinne Averiss & Sam Usher

floss-the-playground-boss-corrinne-averiss-sam-usher-readaraptor-picture-book-reviewFloss says STOP, Floss says GO! 
Floss says YES, Floss says NO!

Floss is the playground boss!

That is until a new boy named Peter moves into the house on the opposite side of the playground from Floss. When Peter decides he doesn’t want to play along with Floss’ rules, she learns that having friends can be much more fun than being the playground boss! 

Corrinne Averiss’ high-energy storytelling is perfectly paired with Sam Usher’s classic Quentin Blake-esque artwork in this fun-packed, playground story, perfect for children aged 3 years and up. With a charmingly tenacious and relatable female character, this is the perfect book for anyone who loved Rebecca Patterson’s My Big Shouting Day!


I love this book from the second I read the blurb on the back and have no kicked myself that it’s take so long to read it to Spike.

Floss is the playground boss, because she’s loud and scary and makes the others kids cry. She also lives right next door so she has the proximity vote. Everyone is scared and everyone believes she has the right to be the boss so they all just listen to her.

That is until a new boy comes along. And he banishes the bully from Floss by being kind to her. She tries to be tough and act the boss but he’s not having it. He stands his ground and asks her to play. And that is what she wants. She just wants someone to play but everyones too scared.

Its such a sweet story about sharing and learning how to be kind to other people. Its all about teaching children to understand how to control their emotion and maybe think about their behaviour, and I think it will be a good tool to use if you are wary that your child may be becoming a bit like Floss. Floss isn’t a bad person, she just struggles with a few emotions and reactions.

My love for this book was probably helped by the fact that it has some amazing illustrations. I loved the page where Floss finally throws the paper plane and it twirls and whirls! The illustrator is compared to Quentin Blake but I think he has his own style, and its perfect for this book. It’s a little older than what I am used to seeing in newly released picture books but it took me back to picture books of my time and its not aged in a way that would put any child off I don’t think!

Floss the Playground bfs is a definite must read in my opinion. Its one that I’ll be keeping on Spike’s shelves for years to come too!

Floss the Playground Boss was published by Egmont UK on 9th March 2017. My coop was sent to me in exchange for an honest review. 

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  • Kezzie

    This sounds a great choice of book! I do like books that teach lessons like this that are so hard to say to children without them thinking you are preaching at them! I am trying to write a cautionary tale at the moment based on losing tempers for my lovely year 4 class as I like to do what they are doing and they really seemed to enjoy the last one I did for them!

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