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Flesh and Blood – Simon Cheshire

flesh-and-blood-simon-cheshire“I didn’t want things to turn out this way. I really didn’t. 

There have been deaths, and worse. Even if there’s no blood on my hands, not directly. I have to face the consequences of my actions, of what I did do. If events had happened differently, if I hadn’t been so intent on following my theories, then perhaps I wouldn’t be here now, sitting at this desk, writing out what some might see as a confession.” 

Sam is new in town, moving onto one of the best streets Hadlington has to offer is more than his parents could have dreamed of months ago. But its turning into Sam’s nightmares. The street’s residents seem strange and when his parents go into the same trance like life, Sam is worried. The only neighbours who seem normal are the Greenhills – described as pillars of society the family history of medicine and wealth has contributed to many good things in the town. But Sam knows they are hiding something, he can hear it on a night and see it on the news. There must be some connections to the strange goings on in the town and the Greenhills, but as his investigation unfolds Sam suddenly becomes aware that he’s stepped into dangerous territory and the lies reach much further than he ever imagined. 


The latest book to be released under Stripes Publishing’s Horror imprint – Red Eye – really does deliver. With odd goings on and the threat of murder imminent you can see that there is something not right about Sam’s neighbours. You are thrown in at the deep end with Sam almost sounding as if he’s writing a confession, and soon you are sucked right under with him.

Flesh and Blood is not a nice book – by no means of the imagination. It is creepy and gory and if you get squeamish just from hearing the title then its probably not for you. Thankfully I am very much on board with gore and guts and I loved the story from the start.

The way the story is told it is clear that Sam is writing up an account of things that have happened from after they happen. With hindsight he keeps referring to clues and things that should have warned him away from his investigation – without actually revealing what happens or really whats to come. I loved this because it really made me connect with Sam as a character and want to read on to know how he got through everything and if he’s as ok as things would suggest – I knew he’d survive because he was telling the story. Things aren’t that simple though and what actually happens is really interesting. I won’t give too much away but even with Sam giving clues I didn’t see what happened coming at all and I very much doubt anyone would work out what happened before it is properly revealed.

The first half of the book covers around 6 weeks worth of Sam moving to a new place, getting his bearings and collecting his theories all together. The majority of the second half of the book accounts for around one day of Sam’s life and that made things speed up drastically. I thought things were rushed almost but I think its because theres so much going on in that half of the book that theres no way you want to put it down and wait to find out whats going on.

At first it took some getting used to Sam’s way with words and even now I don’t think he’s got that much of a realistic teen voice, but its not enough to put you off completely and I got used to him quite quickly. With the Red Eye imprint really impressing me so far I can’t wait to see what horror the team at Stripes pull out for us next!

Flesh and Blood was published on March 2nd by Red Eye, a Stripes Publishing imprint. My copy was sent to me  by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
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