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Five favourite books

Unfortunately I was hoping to write a review of Trainspotting by now but alas I do not believe my boss would be happy if I read it during work hours and I haven’t had time to fit it in to my nights what with scott pilgrim and a hectic (haha) social life.
So instead I thought I’d include a little list of my favorite books just so you could get a little insight (please note its difficult to narrow it down to 5 and I will probably change my mind!):
1) The Noughts and Crosses set, Malorie Blackman. These books are amazing, they offer a world as we know it turned around to make it completely different and make us look at it in a completely different way. Unfortunately the latest one came out while I was studying for my degree and although its sat there one my shelf I am yet to finish it. No doubt you will get my opion on it when I have! The collection was written for young adults and Im now 22 but I still love it, it opened my eyes to what is actually out there when i was a young naive teenager.
2) The Wasp factory, Ian Banks. I read this while in college and it blew my mind. I wrote some of the coursework on it – along with Curious Incident of the Dog In the Nightime, see below – and then again in my last year of university I used it for an essay on stylistics. It says a lot for me to still love this book even after I’ve written essays on it as most of the time I hate books that I’m forced to read! 
3) Marabou Stork Nightmares, Irvine Welsh. As you may begin to notice, I do enough the rather fucked up characters of books. This is now different, Marabou was my first introduction to Welsh and I have loved him ever since. It was probably one of the most difficult to read books purely as the words dance around the pages but as an English Language (and Literature) student stylistically the book is incredible. Welsh really offers the reader the chance to get into the character in his different sub worlds and when its over you find yourself wanting more. 
4) A Long Way Down, Nick Hornby. When asked who my favorite author is I always answer straight away “Nick Hornby”. I love his writing style and his books are just indescribable sometimes. A Long Way down is no exception to this. Its a book about suicide (I told you i liked the fucked up things in books!) and the things in life that you need to think about. Its a book that you need to read to fully understand because often when you think suicide you think it cant possibly be funny, but trust me it can be! 
5) The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime, Mark Haddon. Anyone who has read this book knows its merits. The main character offers a delightful insight to the way an autistic mind works, without the reader realising at first that this is why the character is how he is. The story-line is fantastic and you can really start to feel for Christopher as the story progresses. 
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