Finding Sky – Joss Stirling

“The car drew away, leaving the little girl on the verge. Shaking with cold in her thin cotton t-shirt and shorts, she sat down, arms locked around her knees, her light blonde hair blowing messily in the wind, pale as a dandelion seed head.
Be quiet, freak, or we’ll come back and get you, they’d said.”
After being dumped at age 6, Sky found a new live and love when her parents,Sally and Simon, adopted her. Ten years later they uproot Sky from their happy home in Richmond-upon-Thames and move her to small town Colorado. She doesn’t mind too much, except when she gains the attention of bad-boy Zed at her new school and she just can’t get him out of her head – literally. Her past is a mess but will her future be any better?

Wow. Just wow. Why did I not read this sooner! I’ve had it sitting on my shelf for around 3 months now and I can’t believe I didn’t pick it up before this! I knew it sounded great, I knew people had recommended it, but I just never got round to it. Until now!
I’d been having a bit of a slump, reading a contemp that I wasn’t getting into because I knew I was in a fantasy frame of mind. I decided to ditch the contemp and come back to it later… following some lovely peoples advice on twitter (Thanks Susan and Lyndsay!) I picked up Finding Sky, then my Friday night was taken over with mind games and a tale of true romance. How’d that happen!?
The story of Finding Sky is beautiful. I’m not usually one for insta-love so I was happy when Sky and Zed kinda… were intrigued by each other rather than infatuated by one another. I really liked that aspect of the story and I love how it was all explained. There was a real true love story mixed with all the mystery in this book and I loved the way it was done. I enjoyed the revelations and the plot thickenings and just the way the story made my mind whir with excitement and intrigue. You know a book is great when you feel that!

The great story was mixed with brilliant characters. I love how shy Sky is but how kick-ass she can get when pushed. Her repressed memories mean that she doesn’t know anything about her past and what she is, and the way she dealt with the information that Zed and his family passed on to her really made me relate to her. I think I probably would have reacted the same!
Sky was surrounded by her great family, though I did have one slight problem with Simon (which I don’t really want to say because its too spoiler-y!), and some brilliant friends. I was glad she wasn’t instantly a social butterfly in her new school and that the cheer-bitches picked on her as they would most new girls! But I liked Tina, you could kinda tell that at first Nelson was there cos of his gran but then became a real friend and Zoe was not instantly her best friend but kinda put up with her. I liked the way their friendships built up in the story!
The bad guys made my blood boil the way only bad guys could. I pictured a snake with manicured nails when I thought of Maria and as for Daniel Kelly, I saw him as a big fat mafia style man. I could have strangled them right there on the page… but I didn’t have to. The Benedict boys, and their parents, were fantastic. I loved the idea of who they were and what they did and how easy going they seemed to be despite what they go through! The boys are amazingly sexy and this oozes out of the page at you. I will admit that at first Zed seemed a bit stalker-ish but he rectified himself! 
The writing was brilliant and worked so well with the story that I honestly was sucked into Finding Sky. I think this doesn’t quite work as a 5 out of 5 for me however because I did get a little confused at times. There were points when I had to double check who was meant to be speaking but that could have been my reading and not through fault of the writer! It is a definite 4.5 out of 5 though and I would honestly recommend this book to anyone and everyone! I know I will be picking up the sequel to this one very, very soon!
Finding Sky was published in 2010 by Oxford University Press. Its sequel, Stealing Phoenix, is out now. My copy was kindly gifted to me by the wonderful Vicky of Heaven, Hell and Purgatory reviews, Thank you Vicky!


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