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Ferryman – Claire McFall

“The first heavy drops of rain announced themselves, tapping out a disjointed rhythm on the tin roof over the train platform. Dylan sighed and plunged her face down deeper into her thick winter jacket, trying to warm her freezing nose.”

Dylan is on the way to meet her father for the first time since she can remember. However, on the way, Dylan’s train crashes. Emerging from the wreckage of the train Dylan is greeted by a boy, a strange and beautiful boy, who seems to be waiting for her. Tristan is waiting to guide Dylan, across the wraith infested wasteland on a journey she is expected to take. But when it comes down to it, Dylan must choose between life, death and love.

I have been excited for Ferryman for quite some time now, since it landed as a possible review copy in my inbox I knew I needed to read it. When I saw the lovely Faye rave about it on twitter I decided to pick it up as my next book, and I am so glad I did. 
If you are a regular reader of my blog you will believe I am not a huge romance fan, you are most likely right. In my genre picking romance is usually the bottom choice and I often complain about the romance elements of other genre books, however I do enjoy a good book every now and then that is full on romance, and Ferryman is just that. The story centres around the death of Dylan but thats only this one part of it which makes the story not as simple as girl meets boy, girl falls in love with boy, they get it on. The death aspect posses questions about what happens after we die but quintessentially, this is a romance, and its a great one. 
The emotion in this book is raw and beautiful. I love the way the characters are built up and how we find out so much about them, mainly Tristan though – we don’t find out so much about Dylan that we didn’t already know. I loved the way the feelings developed and how, because of the third person narrative, we get both perspectives of the characters. I really loved knowing how their feelings were developing and whilst some may call what they have in the book insta-love, I call it finding your soulmate… kinda literally. 
The writing is beautiful in Ferryman and I loved the style of it, you really can’t tell that this is a debut book at all. Even from the very first page, before Dylan is on the train at all, you can picture everything so clearly, I would have preferred a few more Scots words in the text to help set the scene a bit more, but I think thats my love of Scots settings coming through and the way its written means that anyone can relate within thinking too much about its setting. I loved the idea of this wasteland between life and death and even though it was terrifying, the wraiths who can attack you whilst you are there. 
I read Ferryman in a fair few sittings because of work but I know if I had started reading it on a Saturday morning it wouldn’t have been put down throughout the day. Ferryman is an addictive read which will tear your heart out and rip it to shreds, but carry on reading because this story needs to be told! 
Ferryman was released on March 1st by Templar. My copy was sent from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. 

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