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Fearsome Dreamer – Laure Eve

“Surely that was too much blood for anyone to lose. 
She never would have thought that people had so much of the stuff inside them. Was it all the blood, then, and was she seeing this woman’s life draining away before her eyes? Would it stay with her for ever, this moment? Would she tell herself to remember it, to see if she could, years upon years later?”

Apprenticed to a Hedgewitch Rue is always being chastised for being a dreamer. In the countryside of Angle Tar this is seen as a bad thing, but she never understood why. She longs for the city streets, to feel the knowledge the countryside folk don’t have. Knowledge is what separates Angle Tar from World, the fearsome place full of technology and people addicted to their built in social network worlds. Rue should be glad that her talents have gone unnoticed though as World would have used her for some much more than Angle Tar would have dared. 
In World there’s a boy much like Rue, he dreams and he sees things, things his people do not want him to see. He dreams of Angle Tar and the future and he moves, swiftly and silently from place to place. He is forced to flee from World to Angle Tar and taken under the wing of Frith, a government spy with his own motives. White is the major pawn in the next move World can make, but to do this he must keep a level head, which unfortunately doesn’t seem possible with Rue around. 

What an interesting and strange book! I was hooked by it but at the same time found it hard to take it everything that was going on. Its very dystopian but almost exactly like an alternative version of our own world and that is why Fearsome Dreamer worked so well. 
The setting concentrates on Angle Tar and the rest of the world, simply known as World. Angle Tar is obviously England however it has had French reign somewhere along the line and names etc were changed. It took me a little while to get my head around this, thinking at one point that I was completely wrong and it was actually France itself, but I’m certain is England; its stubborn enough. With chapters from the three main charatcers’ points of view the story took us into Angle Tar, into different parts of World, dream worlds and also into the space between ‘jumps’ with the talent and I loved seeing the comparisons between the places, Laura Eve’s writing is so well formed that you honestly can feel yourself slipping into the different places when the setting changes and at times I felt like I could feel the characters touching me. Especially in the Dream world. 
With the story a lot of it is focused on the romance and feelings of the characters which interested me a lot because it was a little messy. However you also get the history of the literary world and its kind of full of conspiracy, there is something weird going on with the World leaders and Castle and I still don’t know what it is because I’m guessing that comes in the next book – which thankfully I now don’t have to wait long for! I preferred this and the whole idea of Life, World and the Talent over the romance elements but thats because I’m not a romance-y person – if you are the same you will be happy with the balance in this book. 
Split into two parts the book actually covers around two years, I think, but you never really get that confirmed. I much preferred the second part because the world had developed and the Talent aspect was covered more so I started understanding it. I think my one negative point of the book was that it took a little while to really get started and the first part dragged a little too long for me, however the second made up for it. The characters were brilliant and I loved how headstrong Rue was, though she bugged me a little right at the end. 
This is a heavy book and you do have to get your head around stuff that doesn’t quite make sense right at the beginning but I loved that it allowed you to work it out for yourself rather than being told by one of the characters what was going on. With more on the way I think this author is definitely one to watch out for because her world building is brilliant and I know many readers will be fully engrossed in the characters and their lives. Fearsome Dreamer is a must for any fantasy/dystopia genre fan and will have you wanting more when you are done. 
Fearsome Dreamer was released in October 2013, and in paperback on April 3rd 2014, by Hot Key Books. My copy was sent from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. 

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