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Favourite books of 2013 so far (January to June)

So its that time of the year, we’ve hit the halfway point and so far (at the time of writing this post) I have  read 88 books. I am on track to hit my target of 175 but I’m not overly confident I will get there because of certain things going on in my personal life (nothing bad, I’m just trying to concentrate on other things as well as books!)

Of these 88 books, I have read some fantastic stories and I thought I’d do a post about my favourites of the year so far. These are not necessarily books that were published this year but many of them will be, and some may even bee books that technically aren’t published until July. The books are in read order, from first of the year to most recent… this is because I can’t make a choice between them so this seemed to be the fairest option! I hope this post encourages you to read some of the books and please do share your favourites with me in the comments! All links go to my review.

So this was read waaaaay back in January, it was released in 2011 and I remember pre-ordering it, yet it took me until 2013 to read! I almost kicked myself for not reading it sooner because it was just fantastic, its won awards and you can definitely see why when reading. 

This was actually published in Feburary, the month I read it. I didn’t expect to love it as much as I did and I can honestly say that it has one of the most real, non disturbing relationships I have ever read in a YA book, even though the relationship obviously shouldn’t be happening. I couldn’t get enough of it and the mystery within it was just mesmerising. 

Oh If You See Me, this book will stay with me for a very long time, I loved it as much as you can love a book that you feel pained to read. The main character was just so helpless but also so strong. I had a lot of love for this book and I can remember not wanting to put it down

Who can possibly read this book and not put it on their favourites list. This is another that I put off for ages and that was mostly due to the hype, however its fully deserved. I finally bought myself a copy of this in March, nearly two years after it was released, and I devoured it in two sittings. Then I made my friend read it and she also devoured it too. It was such a beautiful, yet sad story. 

I really got some fantasy gems this year in the 9-12 age range and they rekindled my love of them. I absolutely loved this book and thought that it was quite possibly one of of the best books I have read in the genre. Rob Lloyd Jones made a fan in me just from this, his debut novel, and I will be keeping an eye out for more from him in the future! 

Sometimes I will read a contemporary book that I think will be a throwaway read, one of those read once and give away types. This book was one of those and it completely surprised me because it is not one of those. This book hit all the right spots when it came to serious topics and I shouldn’t have been surprised because in all honesty, Sophia Bennett’s previous book, The Look, did the same for me! 

So I am convinced that each year some authors bring out books, they will definitely be on one of these lists of mine. Tanya Byrnes first book, Heart Shaped Bruise, made its way on my top ten books of 2012 and he second, Follow Me Down, was quite possibly even better! It was full of intrigue and it was oh so sinister, I just couldn’t put it down! I can’t wait to see what Tanya has to offer next. 

Again, like Tanya, I think Zoe will always feature on these lists. Since starting blogging in Jan 2011 I have written four of these posts, two in 2011, one in 2012 and this one… and Zoe has been on all four. Her books blow me away and this, her fifth book and the first in a series due over the next two years, was just incredible. It was different to the others because it was very much set in contemporary London, but this didn’t change its amazingness for me and I loved every page. 

Malorie Blackman is one of my favourite authors so I lap up any of her books as quickly as I can. I loved her latest book and it did a lot to rekindle my love of dystopia because thats been lacking lately… Noble Conflict isn’t quite as full on fantasy like Divergent or The Hunger Games but its different enough and set in the future so I am putting it in that category. I have a feeling there could be more from Noble Conflict in the future too so lets hope so! 

Yet another 9-12 fantasy and it was incredible…. I loved this book, it reminded me of the feeling I had when I started the Harry Potter books and the first couple of the Northern Lights series. I think any fantasy lover will adore this series and I have been recommending it for weeks now. 

The third 9-12 fantasy on my list, this book almost got me in trouble at work because I didn’t want to stop reading! I believe this is the first in a series but I can’t find confirmation of this, I really hop

e it is because I loved the world and the story and everything about it. I definitely want to push this into the hands of every 9-12 year old, and older, that I come across!

The Tale of Despereaux – Kate Dicamillo

This was a very recent read and I absolutely loved it. I wanted to read something cute and I didn’t really expect something so dark and sad, but it was a proper bedtime read with pictures and everything. This is obviously a lot younger than what I usually read but I absolutely adored it and I think I will be broadening my reading from now on so I can read gems like this! 


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