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Fathomless – Jackson Pearce

There are lights at the surface. 
Lights so unlike the sun, that can’t reach down into the depths of the ocean. Lights we can see only when we look outside the water. She turned the thought over and over in her mind, imagining the lights as best she could until she had to ask her sisters for help again.
‘What about the carnival? Are the lights on the rides? What are the rides?’ she asked one of the oldest, who just turned away – that sister rarely spoke any more”

Celia is a harborer of memories. She can see into a persons past just by simple touching the. For her knowing the past is pointless, insignificant, until she meets Lo, a girl whose past is crumbling away.

Lo’s memory is floating further into the ocean than she is; on the cusp of becoming an ocean girl, a mermaid or whatever monster she can barely remember coming for her Lo is scared and feels alone. 

When Jude falls into the ocean and Lo rescues him from the hands of one of her sisters, handing him over to Celia, the two find themselves relying on each other. Celia is reliant on Lo to help her become herself and in the process compete for Jude’s love and Lo has so much more on her mind, for to become human again she must regain her humanity by stealing a mortals love and in turn, his soul. 

I am a huge fan of the Fairytale retellings series from Jackson Pearce and whilst I knew that Fathomless was going to be different to Sister’s Red and Sweetly, I knew I just had to read it for myself. I was right in the fact it was different but not in a bad way and I loved it just as much as the other two by the end.
The story was really cool. A retelling of the Hans Christian Anderson story The Little Mermaid, which has been made into a very well known movie by a little company called Disney, Fathomless brings the idea of mermaids into the modern day and does it brilliantly. They are created rather than born and to become human again they must kill a mortal who loves them. That idea blew me away but then I met Celia and her sisters who were even more awesome and the story from there was amazing. 
The blurb makes out that there is a massive love triangle going on and to be honest this is probably why I was so wary as I dislike love triangles… however it wasn’t as major as it makes out and there was so much other stuff going on that I loved it. The story was all about finding yourself and becoming something to be proud of personally, not the person others want you to be. Its an important message and it was put across in a brilliant way. 
I really disliked Celia’s sisters for some of the things they did to, and expected of, Celia. I wanted to hate them but I knew that even for Celia to be who she wanted to be, she needed them. I loved Celia, especially when she took control and I discovered just how many bit of awesome she was made from. Jude was a sweetie and I think I kinda feel for him a bit in the book, and I bet others will too, even when he was a bit of an idiot he wasn’t really one. And Lo and Nadia… well they were just incredible, I loved the way Jackson Pearce put these characters across and what they did to the story, I absolutely adored their chapters and the interactions between them and Celia and Jude. 
There was so much I loved about Fathomless. It started off a bit strange and a bit slow but seriously by about 80 pages in I was desperate to carry on reading and needed it forced out of my hands when my breaks finished at work. It is just another book that proves how incredible an author Jackson Pearce is and I cannot wait to read Cold Spell next year, lets hope Hodder pick that one up too! 

Fathomless was published by Hodder Children’s Books on July 4th. My copy was sent from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. 

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  • Jess Hearts Books!

    I love Jackson’s books and can’t wait to read this one. I agree that the plot and how the mermaids are made sounds really interesting and unique! Really glad you enjoyed this, thanks for the great review! 🙂

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