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Fangirl – Rainbow Rowell

“There was a boy in her room. 
Cath looked up at the number painted on the door, then down at the room assignment in her hand. 
Pound Hall, 913. 
This was definitely room 913, but maybe it wasn’t Pound Hall – all these dormitories look alike, like public housing towers for the elderly. Maybe Cath should try to catch her dad before he brought up the rest of her boxes.
‘You must be Cather,” the boy said, grinning and holding out his hand. 
‘Cath,’ she said, feeling a panicky jump in her stomach. She ignored his hand. (She was holding a box anyway, what did he expect from her?)” 

Cath is a worrier. She worries about day to day life, about what people think about her, about leaving her room. But thats ok because she’s always had her identical twin, Wren, to talk her out of the worry. Now though, they are off to university and Wren wants her own life, one without Cath following in the shadows. Cath has a boy in her dorm room – not to sleep thankfully – and new people all around her and all she wants to do is bury herself in the FanFiction she’s been lovingly creating for years. She’s much more comfortable writing about friendship, romance and love, than she ever thinks she will be experiencing these things in real life. But this is college, and in college things always change, don’t they? 
Oh my word, the feels. I have been hearing time and time again that Rainbow Rowell writes incredibly brilliant books and I should read them. That is why I jumped at the chance of reading Fangirl and now, I need more. Fangirl was everything I hoped it would be, and more, and I loved every page. 
I always think that there isn’t enough YA that takes place when the main character is 18, this is probably because its getting dangerously close to NA and I refuse to try any of that out because all it seems to be in YA with more sex and friskiness… which I guess is fine, if you are into that kinda thing. I may be wrong about NA but Fangirl is exactly right for what I want from fiction exploring this period in a characters life. Everything changes when you leave home for the first time and taste that freedom, going to university, leaving behind your friends and family, it twists your world upside down and that is exactly what happens in Fangirl. Cath wants everything to stay the same but it can’t, its all changing whether she likes it or not. The story follows this change closely and I loved it for that, especially as its not just romance and sex that makes the change. 
I’m not one for romance books, if you read my blog the romance fiction I love is that which involves deeper issues and Fangirl does. However I couldn’t help but love the romance in it too. Levi is incredible and the tension and relationship he and Cath has is just brilliant. I love that he doesn’t pressure her or make her feel stupid for her nervousness. I loved that Cath compared her ex boyfriend to an end table and that she had a thing for someone before she realised that the thing wasn’t for him at all. I loved Levi’s personality and I think that is why I enjoyed the romance, because I think I could feel myself falling for him just from the words on the page. 
The words also make this book incredible. I loved that there was so much difference in the stories, Cath’s, Simon’s and the FanFiction, even though Rainbow Rowell obviously wrote all of them. I liked the story within a story aspect a lot but I loved the writing throughout. It flowed so well and I couldn’t help but carry on reading, even running over the end of my lunch break because I just needed to know what happened next. 
I now understand completely why people rave about Rainbow Rowell and I know that I have found an author who will not disappoint me. The whole world she creates is brilliant and whilst I thought Simon Snow was kinda based on Harry Potter, I still enjoyed it because I knew my own feelings towards Harry Potter were the same as what the characters in the book had for Simon. 
Fangirl was published on January 30th by MacMillan. My copy was sent from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. 

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