Fake Mustache – Tom Angleberger

“You may remember seeing me on TV when Jodie O’Rodeo saved the world.
I was that nerdy guy in the background that nobody could figure out what he was doing there. But nobody really cared because Jodie O’Rodeo had just saved the world. Remember?
Well, that was me, Lenny Flem Jr., and believe it or not, I saved the world too. Me and Jodie saved the world together. And this is the story of how we did it.”
When Lenny Flem Jr.’s friend Casper buys a man-about-town suit and the fantastic Heidelberg Handlebar number seven fake mustache Lenny doesn’t know what’s gotten into him. Casper appears to be acting normal and yes, any twelve year old boy would like such a realistic handlebar mustache but there’s something not right. The next day Casper’s acting equally as strange and there’s been a robbery in town – a shot man-about-town with a mustache has robbed the local bank. Lenny tries to confront Casper but Casper shows no knowledge of any robbery or anything. Then Fako Mustacho appears, buying the local Heidelberg toy factory and launching a bid for the presidency. Lenny is the only person who sees that Fako looks a lot like a certain friend of his, but with people believing he’s The Evil One, there’s not a lot he can do about it. Until former tween star Jodie O’Rodeo turns up willing to help take down Fako and his brainwashing ways.

Tom Angelberger does it again! This is an hilariously funny story about two twelve year old friends and a former celebrity battling it out to save the world – unlikely and not very realistic Fake Mustache will have you loving every second of this far out tale.
The story was very simple and easy to follow. I think that most reluctant readers will love this one, especially as it has artwork to support the text throughout. I loved that the story was so simple yet action packed and there were some very funny bits involving confetti and goo. The book is only 200 pages long and took me a matter of hours to read, without rushing at all. There are a lot of characters but as only a few are named and are important to recognise its easy to keep track of who everyone is. The outcome of the story was very funny and I really enjoyed how everything was pulled together.
I think my favourite character out the whole book was probably Mr Heidelberg, but we meet so many awesome characters that it’s hard to actually narrow it down. Lenny was an awesome kid and I felt so bad for him because he was the only one not brainwashed. He was also very funny, especially when he had to disguise himself; that was brilliant! Jodie was a really good side character too, I liked that we get a bit of the story from her point of view and that she had something else going on of her own, it actually made for a very deep character, which is something I think this type of middle grade fiction sometimes doesn’t have. There wasn’t actually a lot of Casper in the book but I kinda didn’t like him. He seemed a bit odd from the start and then when Fako appears, well yeah, it didn’t do anything to change my views. The characters made the story so funny and I really loved Sven as well. She did a lot for the humour in this book and I could picture her brilliantly in my head
I really think Fake Mustache is one for every kid, girl and boy, from age 9 to 12. Reluctant readers will love it because of the ease of it all and the supporting images and those less reluctant will enjoy it as a light, fun read, though may realise as I did that the story is not very shocking and things are thrown in your face a little too much. If you are looking for a book for your kids or a gift for someones else Fake Mustache will get you a few laughs and a great read, I definitely recommend it!
Fake Mustache is the latest from Origami Yoda author, Tom Angleberger, it was published on April 1st through Amulet books. My copy was sent to me in exchange for an honest review which is what you see above.

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